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This Land Is Ours - Guiness site Actions without solutions are like solutions without actions This Land Is Ours show an alternative DIRECT ACTION enables people to develop a new sense of self confidence and an awareness of their individual and collective power.
Newbury - Middle England 
support Direct action at Newbury gets middle England's vote DIRECT ACTION is founded on the idea that people can develop the ability for self rule only through practice, and proposes that all persons directly decide the important issues facing them.
Critical Mass - Is That Devin I 
See B4 Me? Ethical jams with Critical Mass DIRECT ACTION is not just tactic, it is individuals asserting their ability to control their own lives and to participate in social life without the need for mediation or control by bureaucrats or professional politicians.
Lunchbreak @ M11 Lunch break - stopping the demolition at the M11 DIRECT ACTION places moral commitment above positive law.
Roofer - TLIS Work as play, community action not surplus value - the land is ours DIRECT ACTION is not a last resort when other methods have failed, but the prefered way of doing things.
This Land Is Ours - 
asparagus Newbury protest- crane-zy 
action Liverpool - Dockers and RTS DIRECT ACTION encompasses a whole range of activities, from organising co-ops to engaging in resistance to authority.
Food from derelict inner city land - hope from the earth Campaigning against the Newbury bypass fires hope across the land Crossing political and cultural divides, Liverpool dockers and friends occupy the docks


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