We have visited a total of 10 factories manufacturing toys for McDonald's from July to September 2000.

All of them are in Guangdong province.


  1. Zhi De Toys at Zhu Hai City

    Owned by a Hong Kong businessman, this factory manufactured plastic and electronic toys and gifts to be exported to the US, Europe and Japan. 4000-5000 workers are employed, all from different provinces like Sichuan, Hunan etc. Most of them are female. The factory manufactures gifts for McDonald's.

  2. Li Gie Toys at Chang On Town of Dongguan

    There are three subsidiary factories, all owned by a Hong Kong businessman. The factories manufacture plastic toys like plastic dogs and ants for McDonald's, a major client of the factory. All the products are exported, mostly to the US. Around 10,000 workers are employed, 95% of whom are female in the twenties. They come from different provinces like Sichuan, Hunnan, Hubei etc.

  3. He Jun Toy Factory at Zhang Mu Tou Town of Dongguan

    A Hong Kong-owned factory manufacturing plastic and plush toys, He Jun is an export processing plant. Disney and lately, McDonald's are its major clients. The factory manufactures plastic Snoopy, Hello Kitty, plush teddy bears and chimpanzees for McDonald's to be exported to the US and Japan. Around 3000 workers are employed, most of them young female in the twenties. Workers from various inland provinces.

  4. The Merton Company Limited at Gongguan

    Merton is a Hong Kong company founded for around 10 years. The new plant at Dongguan houses 16000-20000 workers, manufacturing plastic toys to be exported to the US and Canada. Workers' age ranges from 18 to thirties or more. There are more female than male workers. Many of them come from Henan, while those from Guizhou, Sichuan and Hunan are also found. Merton has been producing for Disney and currently McDonald's becomes its major client.

  5. Chen De Toy Factory at HengLi Town of Dongguan

    Chen De, together with Lian Yi Toy factory at Xin Chen Industrial Village nearby, are subsidiary factories of a Hong Kong company. The two plants together employed more than 15000 workers. Both plants manufacture plastic toys for McDonald's and Disney. Workers at Chen De age from 16-25 recruited from inland provinces as well as the fringe towns of Guangdong province. Female workers outnumber male workers. Products are exported to the US like the 101 Dalmatian dogs.

  6. Xin Fa Plastic Toy factory at Jien Tou of Dongguan

    Owned by Hong Kong capital, Xin Fa manufactures plastic products for McDonald's and Disney. Their current manufactures are characters from the movie Little Mermaids, a joint promotion of McDonald's and Disney, to be exported to Japan and the US. More than 4000 workers, mostly female ranging from 16-25 are recruited from inside and outside Guangdong.

  7. Happy Crafts Industrial Limited at Ca Shan Town of Dongguan

    Hong Kong capital. Happy Crafts has over 3000 workers manufacturing plush toys like big birdy, little tigers and plastic toys like dinosaurs for McDonald’s. Most of them are exported to the US. The corporation is the biggest client of Happy Crafts. Workers range from 18 to thirties, coming from various provinces like Jiangxi, henan, Guizhou and Sichuan.

  8. Fan De Toys at Da Gong Town of Pun Yue

    Owned by a Hong Kong businessman, Fan De started receiving orders from McDonald's since last year. The factory manufactures plush toys like little tiggers and duckcos for McDonald's. Of around 1000 workers more than 90% are female from 16-30 of age. They come from Hunan, Henan, Sichuan, Guangxi as well as Guangdong.

  9. Keyhinge at XiXian Town of Shenzhen

    Employing more than 3000 workers, Keyhinge at Shenzhen is one of the subsidiary plants owned by a Hong Kong company. The factory manufactures plush and plastic toys mainly for McDonald's. They include Barbies, Toy Stories and doggies to be exported to the US. Most of the workers are female from 18-30 years of age working in the spraying, packaging departments; while male workers handle machines, work in the storage and engineering department.

  10. Rong Lian Plastic Toys at LungGong Town of Shenzhen

A Hong Kong-owned factory, Rong Lian supply toy accessories for McDonald's and Disney to be exported to the US and Europe. Around 1800 workers, both male and female, are employed. Workers are in the twenties and thirties coming from Jiangxi, Sichuan as well as Henan, Hunan and Guizhou provinces.

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