McDonald's VsJungleburger documentary

南米熱帯雨林の自然破壊にマクドナルドが関わっていることを 暗示する番組を放映したため、英国のチャンネル4は マクドナルド社強制陳謝をさせられました。
This is a prize-winning documentary ('Jungleburger') made by the German film-maker Peter Heller and widely broadcast since 1983. By interviewing and filming key personnel involved in all links of the chain, it adds up to an expose of how Central and South American tropical forests are being destroyed to be replaced by cattle production for export to the USA and other industrialised countries. McDonald's tried to supress the showing of the documentary in the UK and abroad but it continues to be shown and has been used as evidence in the McLibel trial. The documentary establishes the connection between McDonald's and rainforest depletion. Regardless of this McDonald's were able to extract an apology from Channel Four (UK).