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During June there was a vegan picnic outside a McDonald's in Wellington.

At the opening of the third McDonald's store in Dunedin, a small group of protesters gathered. Braving cold rain and wind, the group stood around the entrance for an hour after the store opened, distributing "What's Wrong With McDonald's" leaflets. Senior management and invited guests were visibly annoyed. Although it was raining, McDonald's turned on garden sprinklers in an attempt to keep protesters at bay. Braving rain and sprinklers, another group returned at lunch time to distribute leaflets.


McDonald`s is paintbombed at Christchurch in May. Also their billboards were pitched into the river.

On the first anniversary of the McLibel trial protests took place in Dunedin, Auckland and Christchurch. The Dunedin protest was particularly lively - at the end protesters ran into the store and chanted until they were thrown out.

McDonald's have announced they are sponsoring Auckland zoo's rainforest exhibit - ironic considering their use of rainforest land to raise cattle.

World anti-McDonald's day - 12 protesters made their presence felt at the Dunedin store, and found support from McDonald's customers and staff. They passed out leaflets critical of McDonald's global operations and called attention to the impact of its operations in Dunedin, soon to be expanded with two new outlets. Several customers came outside to collect McLeaflets, then returned to finish their meals. The only negative reaction to the protest came from the branch manager Mr Shepherd, who threatened to "arrest" one of the protesters.
There were also protests in Auckland.


In June 1994 a McLibel Support group was set up to organize protests and raise money for the London court case. Protests received widespread publicity. On 16 October, protests against McDonald's took place in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

McDonald's environmental image was revealed to be a sham, and customers being conned when it was discovered that rubbish which customers were asked to put into separated recycling bins throughout New Zealand stores was sent to the tip. A McDonald's head office spokeswoman said all regional restaurants would install notices informing people that recycling has ended. Wellington Evening Post, 24 November 1994.