On McDonald's 40th birthday, in April, many restaurants were targeted with bomb hoaxes, stink bombs, arson and letters containing razor blades.

Warsaw - The educational book 'Biology 4 Man and Environment' by B.Klimuszko linked McDonald's with tropical deforestation. McDonald's legal threats froced the publiser to withdraw the book. The author was obliged to send apologies to schools where the book would have been used and to educational authorities. More information is available in the other mclibels section.


Architectural professor, Stanislav Juchnowitz is amongst campaigners and residents trying to stop McDonald's opening a new store in Cracow, Poland. He said "The activities of this firm are symbolic of mass industrial civilization and a superficial cosmopolitan way of life". McDonald's already has 13 stores in Poland, but so far have been refused permission to open the store in Cracow's historic main square. (New York Times International 23 May 1994). Actions against McDonald's also took place in Warsaw, Gdansk and Wroclaw on 4th July (US Independence Day). McDonald's are seen as a symbol and front runners for unwelcome Western capitalism.