On the 14th of January activists held a vegetarian dinner followed by a demonstration at Barcelona McDonald's at which leaflets in Spanish were handed to the public.

On McDonald's 40th Birhtday 60 people marched with banners and placards along the Ramblas in the centre of Barcelona, handing out 2,000 leaflets. The McLibel video dubbed into Spanish was shown at a meal and discussion afterwards. There were also actions in Alicante, Valencia, Madrid, Valladolid, and Mallorca.

Protests took place in Madrid, Malaga and Valencia on the 11th day of international action.


200 people protested outside McDonald's in Valencia on World Food Day. A picket of a McDonald's in Madrid took place the same day.


Madrid - Four workers who had called for union elections were sacked by McDonalds. The company was forced to reinstate the workers after the labour court ruled that the dismissals were illegal. This is one of many union struggles against McDonald's