Honest adverts

If adverts were honest, they might look more like the ones on these pages rather than the deceptive ones we are usually subjected to.

For example. Instead of McDonald's public relations department giving you the run around - they would just admit that they don't even have a nutrition department.

'As a result of their high content of fat and cholesterol, McDonald's products contribute to heart disease, certain forms of cancer, and other diseases. The links between high-fat diets and certain diseases are established beyond any reasonable doubt. '
Neal Barnard witness statement

They would admit that a diet of the type typified by a McDonald's meal is likely to increase your chance of heart disease and cancer, as well as the possibility of food poisoning from undercooked meat..

But commercial advertising isn't about honesty - it is about making lots of money by making people buy things that they probably don't even need.

An honest advert would simply say "Make me rich - buy this!"


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