Honest adverts

If adverts were honest, they might look more like the one on this page rather than the deceptive ones we are all used to.

Instead of telling us only half the story, they would tell us the likely consequences of following their 'advice'.

'A diet high in fat, sugar, animal products and salt (sodium) and low in fibre - which describes a typical McDonald's meal - is linked with cancers of the breast and bowel, and heart disease. This is accepted medical fact.'
Geoffrey Cannon, witness statement

For example, the fast food industry would admit that balancing a diet that consists of high fat, low fibre junk food, could require all other meals to be salad or muesli.

But commercial advertising isn't about honesty - it is about making lots of money by making people buy things that they probably don't even need.

An honest advert would simply say "Make me rich - buy this!"


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