Drive-Thru Mayhem

[ drive thru mayhem ]
(unique features should make identification easy)
Yep it's a McDonald's Drive-Thru with a 'dead-end' sign at the entrance.

The photos were sent to us by an enterprising artful dodger somewhere in the UK. The story behind this particular piece is rather funny. The actual 'dead-end' sign you see here is a replacement to one the artist put up some months ago - the original one having been firstly vandalised and then removed only to be restored in its original position by someone other than the creator of this piece - as the 'author' of the piece said: "the originals were restored by an unknown party, I can only imagine the restaurant itself was responsible". The sign has been up since December 1996 without any official complaint!

The artist has also said that this is only a spring board to further protests - meanwhile, 'pass that reflective plastic will ya'.