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Are you keen to get all the facts regarding McDonald's attempts to silence their critics and hide the truth?

The McSpotlight Internet site provides regular reports from the McLibel courtroom, witness statements, company publications and confidential internal memos, scientific reports, newspaper articles, previously suppressed material and information on other multinational corporations.

(sticker):STOP multinationals exploiting people, animals and the environment

The original 'board' was for office supplies!

(Lesser text):
Right now an attack is being made on your right to free speech.
Right now your health and diet are under attack by the promotion of McJunk food.
Right now your world is being destroyed by faceless corporations.
Right now animals are being slaughtered to supply unhealthy products.
Right now your children are being brainwashed by mindless propaganda.
Right now is the time to fight back! Arm yourself with the facts, visit McSpotlight.

The original 'board' was for a well known insurance company

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And another very similar one.

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Draw Your Own

The Internet is your fast track into a virtually unregulated global forum where successful censorship is almost impossible.

In 1989 McDonald's issuad libel writs over the publication of a critical leaflet.

Now you can find out what McDonald's have been trying to hide.

Visit McSpotlight - a direct challenge to the opposition to the corporation's ongoing attempt to silence their critics.

The original 'board' was for a privatised rail service

Why Can't You Sneeze With Your Eyes Open?

Who cares, I'm going surfing

The original 'board' was for a well known high street building society.

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Click here to see the tubevert in action!

What's Wrong With McDonald's

Food For The Thoughtful
Fully revised and updated with over 2,500 files on the worst places to eat and drink

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