2 May - 8 May 1996

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US McLibel Support Campaign protests at Navy Pier, Chicago

3rd May 1996,
Chicago, USA

The Navy Pier is a pier and convention centre owned by the City of Chicago. McDonald's has put a lot of money into creating a public area, including the installation of a ferris wheel, with many McDonald's symbols around.

Five McLibel campaigners disputed the official ribbon cutting ceremony, attended by Ronald McDonald and performed by the President of McDonald's Franchise Owners' Association. As the President got up to speak, the campaigners shouted about McDonald's marketing of unhealthy food to children. At the time, about 200 children were waiting in line to go onto the ferris wheel. The campaigners also handed out leaflets and displayed placards.

Lessons in McLibel

May 1996,

A boy has set up a McLibel Support Campaign at his school in southern England. The campaign started by putting up posters around the school, including A3 sized "What's Wrong With McDonald's?" posters. Then the deputy headteacher asked for a copy of the leaflet to photocopy and give to his business class for an exercise.

The students are planning to leaflet the local area (including outside the McDonald's), raise money, and keep the campaign going within the school.

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