McLibel Support Campaign


- McLibel 2 offer to drop their CounterSuit -

Today was the first day in open court of the libel trial brought by the McDonald's Corporation against 2 unwaged environmentalists, Helen Steel and Dave Morris. In a dramatic and generous move, the defendants offered to drop their Counterclaim which was brought on June 3rd after McDonald's issued national leaflets and press releases attacking as 'lies' the views of London Greenpeace and its supporters .

McDonald's were given until 4pm today to agree to make a statement of Apology in open Court (see below for full text), admitting that they are unable to substantiate these false allegations. These statements have offended not only the defendants but also many others who've criticised McDonald's business practices - trade unionists, environmentalists, vegetarians and others.

The Counterclaim was lodged by the defendants on June 3rd to place a legal obligation on the fast food giant to prove their claims that information in the London Greenpeace Factsheet at the centre of the case is untrue.

Helen Steel, for the defendants, said today:

'We want, on the first day of trial, to give an opportunity to the burger corporation to admit now that it has been wrong all along to suppress its critics. It should climb down off its high horse and recognise that its business practices should be, and will he, subject to public scrutiny and opposition."


On Monday 27th June the defendants applied yet again for McDonald's to disclose relevant documents it is withholding from the defendants - this time the application related to McDonald's packaging, nutritional issues and slaughterhouse conditions. The defendants claimed that the Cover-up continues. Further applications will be made during tho trial.

The trial is officially set to continue until December, hearing evidence from 170 witnesses. The defendants are representing themselves and have been denied a jury.

On Wednesday 29th June, in their opening speech the Defendants will detail the truth about Big Mac's business practices and propaganda.

Be there: Court 35. 10:30am. All day. Apology to be read in open court by McDonald's Restaurants Ltd:

We, McDonald's Restaurants Ltd, have admitted the publication and distribution of leaflets to our customers and also of press releases attacking London Greenpeace, Helen Steel and Dave Morris for their criticisms of McDonald's business practices. We stated that these criticisms were 'lies'. We accept that we are unable to substantiate our allegations. We recognise that many people - trade unionists, environmentalists, vegetarians, and others have made the same or similar criticisms of our company, and continue to do so, and that it is deeply offensive to them to be branded as 'liars'. Further, we recognise that the public have the right to criticise powerful and wealthy organisations, and that this can only be helpful in the urgent task of identifying social and environmental problems and the solutions to them Our company is obviously an integral and inevitable part of an economic system which exploits people, animals and the environment in order to make and increase profits.

We therefore apologise unreservedly to Helen Steel, Dave Morris and London Greenpeace and those who have made similar criticisms of our company. We acknowledge the falsity of our allegations and recognise that the Defandants would undoubtedly have been entitled to damages.