Day 003 - 30 Jun 94 - Page 03

     1        those organisations.
     2   Q.   Why do you have that responsibility in addition to your
              British responsibility?
     3        A.  I was given the responsibilities about a year and a
              half ago when reorganisation took place within Europe, the
     4        assets of the British company, the organisation here, from
              a people knowledge training equipment standpoint, ability
     5        to operate the McDonald's system successfully were
              recognised as something that could be very helpful if
     6        brought forth in my person to our partners on the
         Q.   Amongst the McDonald's markets' operations within Europe,
     8        how does the UK market stand in point of size?
              A.  In numbers of restaurants, we are the largest,
     9        followed by Germany and France in numbers of outlets.
    10   Q.   Mr. Preston, when did you arrive on these shores?
              A.  I arrived here in July 1974, from Cleveland, Ohio,
    11        where I operated in a restaurant management capacity.
    12   Q.   When you were at Cleveland you were in a restaurant
              management capacity?
    13        A.  Yes, I was.
    14   Q.   I am going to ask you a bit about your history with
              McDonald's in a moment.  When did McDonald's first open in
    15        this country?
              A.  The first restaurant opened in South East London at
    16        Woolwich in October 1974.
    17   Q.   Was that the reason why you came to this country?
              A.  Yes, that is the reason.
         Q.   I will ask you a bit more in a moment or two, if I may.
    19        Can I ask you this:  Have you remained here ever since?
              A.  I have been resident in the UK for 20 years.
         Q.   Going back in time a bit -- more than that -- 30 years,
    21        when did you first come into contact with the McDonald's
              hamburger organisation?
    22        A.  My first contact was as a 16 year old school boy in
              Fairview Park, Ohio, when I applied for a job in a
    23        restaurant operating there; acquired employment and began
              to do all those things that so many McDonald's people
    24        around the world do today, cook hamburgers, make french
              fries and serve the public.
         Q.   After school did you go to what we call university? 
    26        A.  I did.  University of Cincinatti for two and a half 
         Q.   Whilst you were a student at Cincinatti university, did
    28        you continue to work for McDonald's?
              A.  Yes, I did part-time.
         Q.   Part-time -- when you were not studying, I take it?
    30        A.  That is correct.

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