Day 001 - 28 Jun 94 - Page 05

     1        last page to a repetition starting with McDollars,
              repeating McDeadly and McCancer.  My Lord, I will, if
     2        I may, approach the leaflet in this way, so as to save
              time in part, read the leaflet to your Lordship but, as
     3        I do so, indicate to your Lordship which are the
              statements of fact in the leaflet which the plaintiffs say
     4        are unarguably false here.  I will also suggest to your
              Lordship, should it be necessary, what McDonald's say is
     5        the implication of this or that passage.
     6        My Lord, it starts on the first inside page:
     7        "This leaflet is asking you to think for a moment about
              what lies behind McDonald's clean, bright image.  It's got
     8        a lot to hide.
     9        "'At McDonald's we've got time for you' goes the jingle.
              Why then do they design the service so that you're in and
    10        out as soon as possible?  Why is it so difficult to relax
              in a McDonald's?  Why do you feel hungry again so soon
    11        after eating a Big Mac?
    12        We're all subject to the pressures of stupid advertising,
              consumerist hype, and the fast pace of big city life - but
    13        it doesn't take any special intelligence to start asking
              questions about McDonald's and to realise  that something
    14        is seriously wrong.
    15        The more you find out about McDonald's processed food, the
              less attractive it becomes, as this leaflet will show.
    16        The truth about hamburgers is enough to put you off them
              for life".
              Subheading in bold with a blob:  "What is the connection
    18        between McDonald's and starvation in the 'Third World'?
              There is no point feeling guilty about eating while
    19        watching starving African children on T.V. If you do send
              money to Band Aid, or shop at Oxfam, etc., that's morally
    20        good but politically useless.  It shifts the blame from
              governments and does nothing to  challenge the power of
    21        multi-national corporations".
    22        Subhead in capitals:  "Hungry for Dollars.  McDonald's is
              one of several giant corporations with investments in vast
    23        tracts of land in poor countries, sold to them by the
              dollar-hungry rulers (often military) and privileged
    24        elites".
    25        Pausing there, my Lord, every single word of that
              statement is totally false; it has always been false and 
    26        it remains false to this day. Then, as a prejudicial 
              appendage to that false proposition, one finds this: 
    27         "Evicting the small farmers that live there growing food
              for their own people.
              The power of the US dollar means that in order to buy
    29        technology and manufactured goods, poor countries are
              trapped into producing more and more food for export to
    30        the States.   Out of 40 of the world's poorest countries,
              36 export food to the USA - the wealthiest."

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