Day 008 - 07 Jul 94 - Page 02

                                            Thursday 7th July 1994.
         MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, I would wish to call Mr. Langert.
                               Mr. Langert, sworn
     4                       Examined by Mr. Rampton.
     5   Q.   Mr. Langert, may we please have your full names including
              the one in the middle?
     6        A.  Robert Lawrence Langert.
     7   Q.   You give your address as McDonald's Corporation,
              McDonald's Plaza, Oak Brook, Illinois in the United
     8        States?
              A.  Yes.
         Q.   Are you director of environmental affairs for McDonald's
    10        Corporation, the first plaintiff in this case?
              A.  Yes, I am.
         Q.   How long have you held that position?
    12        A.  I have held that position since 1991.
    13   Q.   When you join McDonald's in 1991, can you give a month for
    14        A.  November 1st 1991 -- one of the best days.
    15   Q.   Where did you come from?
              A.  I worked for Perseco previously to that.  I started at
    16        Perseco in the summer of 1988.
    17   Q.   Summer 1988.  Were you in court, I believe, yesterday
              while Mr. David Kouchoukos was giving his evidence?
    18        A.  Yes.
    19   Q.   You have heard him say that in any event while you were at
              Perseco you held the post which he now holds?
    20        A.  That is correct.  We first started our environmental
              affairs department with me in Perseco in mid-1988.  Soon
    21        thereafter Dave Kouchoukos reported to me and we added to
              our staff.
         Q.   So did you two work together from that date, 1988-ish,
    23        until you left to join McDonald's in 1991?
              A.  We worked together during that time.  Dave joined my
    24        department near the end of 1988.  He left me as a direct
              report when he went to work in Perseco Europe for about a
    25        year.  Although we worked together, we consulted, he was
              not a direct report to me during that time.  When he came 
    26        back to the USA again he reported back to me. 
    27   Q.   Since the time that you left Perseco and joined
              McDonald's, have you and Mr. Kouchoukos worked together in
    28        relation to McDonald's packaging?
              A.  Yes, we worked very closely together.  Dave heads up
    29        the environmental efforts for our packaging company for
              Perseco and I provide the guidance, the direction, for
    30        them.

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