Day 008 - 07 Jul 94 - Page 03

     1   Q.   Can I summarise that:  You tell him what you want and it
              is his job to do it; is that right?
     2        A.  That is part of their job.  The other part of their
              job is to bring to us what they feel we need to do.  They
     3        are charged with the responsibility to be as progressive
              and innovative with packaging as is possible, and to bring
     4        to McDonald's any new technologies, new ideas, new
         Q.   Your last answer, Mr. Langert, was to the effect that not
     6        only did Perseco carry out, as far as they can, your
              wishes as communicated to them, but that they have an
     7        obligation to take initiatives themselves to bring new
              ideas and technology to it; is that right?
     8        A.  That is correct.
     9   Q.   Can I go back a little bit, Mr. Langert, were you educated
              in the United States?
    10        A.  Yes, I was.
    11   Q.   Did you go to university?
              A.  Yes, I went to under graduate and graduate schools in
    12        the United States.
    13   Q.   Do you have academic degrees?
              A.  Yes.  My last degree was a Masters in Business from
    14        North Western University.
    15   Q.   That, for those who do not know, is in or near Chicago; is
              that right?
    16        A.  Yes.
    17   Q.   Before you joined Perseco, immediately before, for whom
              were you working then?
    18        A.  I worked for the parent company of Perseco that is
              called the Harvi Group.  I joined them in 1983 and
    19        I worked my way through various functions within the
              McDonald's operations of distribution and transportation
    20        from 1983 until 1988.
    21   Q.   In other words, not to do with the supply of packaging?
              A.  Only that we delivered it, used it and delivered it.
         Q.   Yes, I understand.  Can I ask you this:  What
    23        considerations underlie and govern McDonald's policies and
              practices in relation to packaging?
    24        A.  We look at packaging from a total life cycle
              perspective and then we take packaging and also put it in
    25        the total business perspective.
    26        Let me first speak about how we look at it 
              environmentally:  Environmentally, we look at it again, 
    27        what we call cradle to grave.  We look at the impacts of
              package in terms of raw material usage and try to compare
    28        to other raw materials.  We take a look at it during the
              processing function, manufacturing, what happens to it
    29        versus other options.  We look at it in the distribution
              chain where the impacts in the distribution chain, there
    30        are large effects there.  We look at the impacts of store
              operations and then we look at what happens to it once we

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