Day 014 - 20 Jul 94 - Page 02

                                            Wednesday 20th July 1994.
         MS. STEEL:   Before we start I would like to draw to your
     3        attention that we have not had a single one of the
              references or scientific papers referred to by Professor
     4        Wheelock.  There are a number of studies referred to in
              the statement where even the name is not given, so we
     5        could not get someone to look it up.
     6        We realise there may be problems with some documents, but
              it appears they have not even attempted to serve them.
         MR. RAMPTON:  This has been in court on the defendants' side
     8        since the first week of trial.
     9   MS. STEEL:   It has never been personally served on us or drawn
              to our attention that was there.  We have not had copies
    10        at home or anything; no notice, no letters.
    11   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Did you not just look through the volumes on
              the back and see it has "Nutrition, Professor Wheelock" on
    12        it?
    13   MS. STEEL:   I looked in our indices of the trial bundles.
              There was no reference to any file containing the
    14        scientific papers for Mr. Wheelock.
    15   MR. RAMPTON:  I know your Lordship is not much interested in
              history, but a telephone conversation took place between
    16        Mrs. Brinley-Codd and Mr. Morris before the trial began in
              relation to these documents.  Mr. Morris said they did not
    17        want the documents delivered to their homes.
              Mrs. Brinley-Codd said she would bring them to court,
    18        which she did.
    19   MS. STEEL:   That was a spare set of trial bundles.  You
              remember, we asked for another set to be provided in the
    20        court.  We have not had them at home.
    21   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Let us progress now and see how we get on.
              I think you should look -- what I have been doing, I have
    22        realised that the orange bundles are divided up into
              topics, I have realised when it comes to witnesses on
    23        nutrition anyway they have the names of witnesses on the
              back and different volumes.  However that may be, I do
    24        think you should spend some time making sure you know what
              is in those volumes which are in court.
         MS. STEEL:   I realise we will have to do that now, but I would 
    26        make the point that they have not drawn this to our 
              attention.  They have not said that these documents are 
    27        here in court and that you have not a set at home.
    28   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I am going to end the argument now.  You
              have to do some looking after yourself as well.  You are
    29        doing a lot in many respects.  All I say is the lesson to
              be learnt from this is you must look at the back of every
    30        single volume you have in court and make sure you know the
              nature of the contents.

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