Day 015 - 21 Jul 94 - Page 02

                                                      21st July, 1994.
         MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, before Professor Wheelock is
     3        cross-examined, there are a couple of things; one I forget
              yesterday, the other which your Lordship asked him to deal
     4        with and I would like him to deal with.  The first of the
              two papers your Lordship asked for, one is a research
     5        paper by Nelson Wright & Rose, 1993 British Journal of
              Nutrition.  It is called Haemoglobin, Peritin and Iron
     6        Intakes in British Children aged 12 to 14 years, A
              Preliminary Investigation.  It is being got from Barlow
     7        Lyde's library.  (To the witness):  Professor Wheelock,
              are you familiar with that study?
     8        A.  Yes.
     9   Q.   Is that one of the studies you mentioned yesterday?
              A.  Yes.
         Q.   Was the finding of those researches that anaemia was three
    11        times more prominent in vegetarians than in omnivores?
              A.  That is right, yes.
         Q.   Then the other paper, my Lord, was the one which
    13        I mentioned.  I thank my lucky stars that I got it right,
              which was the comparative study of the dietary intake of a
    14        high risk population, that is in relation to large bowel
              cancer in New York with a low risk population in Finland.
    15        It is called Metabolic Epidemiology of Large Bowel
              Cancer.  It is subheaded Fecal Bulk and Constituents of
    16        High-Risk North American and Low-Risk Finnish Population
              by Reddy and others.  It comes from the Journal of the
    17        American Cancer Society.  It is dated 1978.  Have you a
              copy of that there?  Your Lordship should have had one
    18        handed up.
    19   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  Where should it go?
    20   MR. RAMPTON:  Eventually it should go, there will be a divider
              at the back of Dr. Arnott's references which is the orange
    21        file IV, section 2.  It will eventually become reference
              25.  Your Lordship has been given a file divider?
         MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  I have the divider.  Will the other
    23        one when we get it go in there as well?
    24   MR. RAMPTON:  That should go as the last reference, I believe,
              in Professor Wheelock's references which is orange 3A,
    25        reference 9, when it arrives.  Can I read what is
              sometimes called the abstract, we lawyers call it a 
    26        headnote.  What do you call it?  Do you call it an 
    27        A.  Abstract or summary.
    28   Q.   Of this paper.  "The dietary pattern and fecal
              constituents of two populations with distinct risk for the
    29        development of colon cancer, a high-risk population in New
              York Metropolitan area and a low-risk population in rural
    30        Kuopio, were studied. The average daily intake of dietary
              fat and protein was the same in the two groups, but the

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