Day 016 - 22 Jul 94 - Page 02

     1                                           22nd July 1994.
     2                      Professor Wheelock, recalled
                    Cross-examined by the defendants, continued.
         MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I think my clerk, Mr. Styles, may have
     4        mentioned to you a day or two ago there is a matter
              I might have to be involved in next week in another court.
         MR. RAMPTON:  Yes.
         MR. JUSTICE BELL:  The present arrangement is that that will be
     7        dealt with at 9.30 next Wednesday.  It should not take
              more than about half an hour, so unless something goes
     8        wrong there will not be any delay.
     9   MR. RAMPTON:  Those are the raw data, if you like, for the
              tables which your Lordship asked for; tables which
    10        Professor Wheelock prepared which are to be found in his
              second statement starting, I think, at page 15 -- we have
    11        suggested that they be put behind the second of those
              existing tables, that is to say, the one showing I think
    12        it is four or five meal options for an adult, table 2.
    13        The way that those documents run is that for each option
              there are two sheets, beginning with the children's ones,
    14        which reflect the information on which the information for
              table 1 is based, and then for the adult it was the basis
    15        for table 2.
    16   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  Thank you.
    17   MR. MORRIS:  I have not really got myself organised for this
         MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Just sit down for a moment.
         MR. MORRIS (To the witness):  I will start with something we
    20        finished off with yesterday which is the chart printed in
              1991.  I cannot remember what tab it was now -- pink
    21        volume III.  I think it was tab 2, page 65?
              A.  Yes.  I think I am with you.
         Q.   I went through rather hurriedly and stopped after about a
    23        quarter of the way through; I thought I was not doing it
              properly and you were not making any comment.  Maybe if we
    24        can establish -- we may be able to establish we do not
              need to go through it.  You said that the US variety of
    25        choices is far greater than the UK range?
              A.  Yes, as I understand it, although I have not been to 
    26        the United States, I have just looked at some of the 
              information that has been provided, but the range is more 
    27        extensive, and it does include items, some of which are
              indicated here.  For example, I think Cheerios would be a
    28        breakfast cereal; as we discussed yesterday, they have one
              per cent low fat milk, whereas we have semiskimmed milk in
    29        this country, which is about 1.6 per cent.  I think salads
              may be a little different.
         Q.   Salads are not available in the UK as a standard menu

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