Day 018 - 26 Jul 94 - Page 02

     1                                                26th July, 1994.
     2   MR. RAMPTON:  Dr. Gregory, would you please go into the witness
                         Dr. Neville George Gregory, Sworn
     4                       Examined by Mr. Rampton.
     5   Q.   Dr. Gregory, are your full names Neville George Gregory?
              A.  Yes.
         Q.   You have to say so because everything you say is recorded?
     7        A.  I understand.
     8   Q.   Keep your voice up. If you cannot hear what I say, tell me
              so and I will repeat myself.  Do you give your address as
     9        the Department of Meat Animal Science at the University of
    10        A.  Now called the Division of Food Animal Science.
    11   Q.   Thank you.  Do you have a BSc in Agriculture from the
              University of Aberdeen?
    12        A.  Yes.
    13   Q.   A doctorate in philosophy and animal physiology from
              Bristol University?
    14        A.  Yes.
    15   Q.   Have you won a number of prizes?
              A.  Yes.
         Q.   I am not going to go through them, but I do want to ask
    17        you about this:  In 1990 were you given an award by the
              British Society of Animal Production and the RSPCA for
    18        innovative developments in animal welfare?
              A.  Yes.
         Q.   Was the citation for that award for your personal
    20        contribution to the understanding of the science of
              preslaughter stunning of animals and its application to
    21        the improvement of farm animal welfare?
              A.  Yes.
         Q.   Are you just for the moment, at least, senior research
    23        fellow in the Division of Food Animal Science at Bristol?
              A.  Yes.
         Q.   Is that part of a school of veterinary science?
    25        A.  Yes.
    26   Q.   Are you still the deputy head of department in charge of 
              its work on animal welfare? 
    27        A.  Yes.
    28   Q.   Have you been coordinating research into stunning and
              slaughter in cattle, pigs and chickens amongst other
    29        species of animals?
              A.  Yes.
         Q.   Have you concerned yourself with the preslaughter handling

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