Day 018 - 26 Jul 94 - Page 03

     1        and transport of cattle, pigs and chickens?
              A.  Yes.
         Q.   And the on-farm or rearing welfare of chickens?
     3        A.  Yes.
     4   Q.   Do you teach matters of that kind to ungraduates and post
              graduate veterinarians?
     5        A.  Yes.
     6   Q.   Have you been concerned in the production of various codes
              of conduct and practice relating to the welfare of farm
     7        animals?
              A.  Indirectly, yes.
         Q.   How has that come about?
     9        A.  By providing information to the Ministry of
              Agriculture Fisheries and Food which drafts the code of
    10        practice.
    11   Q.   Have you had an input into what I might call the European
              aspect of that topic?
    12        A.  Yes.
    13   Q.   Have you acted as a scientific expert advising the Council
              of Europe?
    14        A.  Yes.
    15   Q.   Are you a member of the Scientific Advisory Panel of the
              World Society for the Protection of Animals?
    16        A.  Yes.
    17   Q.   Are you an ethical representative or the ethical
              representative -- I know not which -- on the Technical and
    18        Ethical Committee of the British Society of Animal
    19        A.  Yes, and it is the latter.
    20   Q.   The ethical representative.  For how long, Dr. Gregory,
              have you concerned yourself with the welfare of farm
    21        animals?
              A.  Since about 1973, but been an active researcher since
    22        about 1979.
    23   Q.   I believe it to be the case that your term at Bristol is
              shortly coming to an end?
    24        A.  Yes.
    25   Q.   You are proceeding as far as you can go -- New Zealand?
              A.  Yes. 
         Q.   To do what? 
    27        A.  I have been offered a chair in Animal Welfare Science
              at Mass(?) University which I have accepted.
         Q.   So we understand it properly, that means from the time
    29        that you arrive you will be called Professor Gregory?
              A.  Correct.
         Q.   You have been asked in this case to give expert evidence

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