Day 020 - 28 Jul 94 - Page 02

     1   MR. RAMPTON:  Before we continue, Professor Wheelock managed to
              produce the document about nitrates and nitrates from the
     2        Ministry of Agriculture which he mentioned in his evidence
              which your Lordship asked if he could find; he has done
     3        it.  We have allocated it to tab 11, new tab 11, in orange
              volume IIIA.  The markings on it were done by Professor
     4        Wheelock before we got the copies.  (Handed).
     5   MS. STEEL (To the witness):  Have you got the report from
              February?  It would be the orange file, I think it is tab
     6        B.
              A.  Yes.
         Q.   When you refer on the first page to a modest number
     8        receiving prestun electric shocks, how many was that?
              A.  It is not given in the report and I do not recollect
     9        offhand.
    10   Q.   You do not know roughly what you might put down as
              "modest" in terms of a percentage?
    11        A.  It may be of the order of 10 per cent, but that is a
         Q.   Is it important to have easy access to part of the water
    13        bath so that you can clearly observe whether or not the
              birds are receiving prestun shocks?
    14        A.  It varies considerably between processing plants.  In
              the case of this particular processing plant, the physical
    15        access was difficult but possible.  What was more
              difficult was the fact that there was a lot of splashing
    16        from the water bath itself, and the splashes would either
              get in your eyes or on your spectacles and that made it
    17        difficult to continuously observe the situation.
    18   Q.   You could actually get to the water bath?
              A.  It was physically possible to get to the water bath.
         Q.   Is the problem with a lot of splashing one that is
    20        something you find at all?
              A.  No, if you want an explanation for the splashing, one
    21        could be that when the birds are drawn into the water and
              they receive the electric current, their wings prior to
    22        that would have been positioned downwards.  They are by
              the muscle contraction brought upwards abruptly and this
    23        can flick water up from the water bath into the air.
    24   Q.   But is it a problem with observing the birds receiving
              prestun shock, is that a common problem in poultry
    25        slaughter places?
              A.  It is.  Usually it can be a problem where there is 
    26        restricted access for safety reasons to the water bath 
              stun area, otherwise it is not usually a problem. 
         Q.   Right.
    28        A.  With that one limitation or exception.
    29   Q.   When you say restricted access in terms of safety, are you
              meaning they do not let people in, or you mean if they get
    30        in it is dangerous or what?
              A.  Quite often now you see the water bath area actually

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