Day 020 - 28 Jul 94 - Page 03

     1        fenced off with a wire cage.  It is padlocked to prevent
              people putting their hands into the water bath itself.
         Q.   Was that the situation at Sun Valley?
     3        A.  No.
     4   Q.   Did you make recommendations concerning this in order to
              make it more easy to observe the effect of the stun bath?
     5        A.  No.
     6   Q.   Do you not think it is something that would be important?
              A.  It is important to monitor the prevalence of prestun
     7        shocks.  How important it is to have a very accurate
              estimate is debatable.  Provided you do not see any you
     8        are observing for a period that would be acceptable, for
              example.  In order to make modifications to allow them to
     9        have easier access, physical access, would require quite
              an upheaval in the line, point one; point two, they just
    10        fitted that line.  They are, at the time I visited, they
              were sorting the teething problems such as that.
         Q.   I thought on the first visit -----
    12        A.  That is correct.  You are correct, yes, OK.  I beg
              your pardon.  On the first visit there were prestun
    13        shocks, that was an old line -- can I add something?  When
              I described the situation I was picturing in my mind the
    14        visit in April.
    15   Q.   OK.
              A.  I will have to rethink your questions with regard to
    16        the visit in February, so give me just half a minute,
              please, because I will have to picture them now.  OK.  In
    17        my visit in February the plant was undergoing some
              reconstruction in order to provide for the changes which
    18        I observed in April.  The water bath area did have
              restricted access.  If my memory serves me correctly,
    19        there was a big tarpaulin sheet which was part of the
              builders' construction around the water bath, and that
    20        made access restricted.  Please confirm that with
              Dr. Pattison as to whether that is the case.
         Q.   So the restricted access on that occasion was due to
    22        something temporary?
              A.  This is what I believe from my memory.
         MR. JUSTICE BELL:  How does restricted access affect the matter
    24        of prestunning?
              A.  It affects the ability to inspect the birds in a
    25        satisfactory manner to see their welfare is OK.
    26   Q.   I see.  It is not related to whether they are actually 
              prestunned; it is a question of whether how quickly one 
    27        appreciates, if at all, they are being prestunned?
              A.  Correct.
         MS. STEEL:   Right.  Obviously it is important to be able to
    29        find out whether they are receiving prestunned shocks
              because that is something that causes them pain?
    30        A.  Correct.

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