Day 025 - 16 Sep 94 - Page 02

     1                                 Friday 16th September, 1994.
     3                     MR. STEPHEN GARDNER, Recalled
     4                  Examined by the Defendants, continued.
     6   MS. STEEL:   We just have a few more questions.  Yesterday when
     7        we were talking about the advertising campaign, we looked
     8        at your Exhibit 7.  I think it might help if you could
     9        find that.
    10        A.  I have it.
    12   Q.   Turn to the second page of that.  It is the letter from
    13        Jim Mattox to McDonald's on 24th April 1987.
    15   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Exhibit 7?
    17   MS. STEEL:   Yes.  There was a bit of confusion yesterday about
    18        the second sentence under No. 1 on the second page.  That
    19        same ad lists four products, regular fries, regular
    20        cheeseburger, six piece McNuggetts and vanilla milk shake,
    21        none of which have had their sodium content lowered in the
    22        past year.  If you could leave that open and turn to pink
    23        volume VI.  Is that VI or VI A?
    24        A.  I have VI A.  May I get V?
    26   Q.   Yes.  If you turn to No. 14 in that volume?
    27        A.  I have it.
    29   Q.   It is the large nutrition volume.  This is the Hazelton
    30        nutritional analysis of food served at McDonald's
    31        restaurants in 1986, which is the year before this letter
    32        was written.  Actually, I think if you turn two pages on
    33        in your exhibit to find the sodium ad:  "More about salt
    34        and McDonald's good food"?
    35        A.  I have it.
    37   Q.   Do you have that?
    38        A.  I do.
    40   Q.   If we turn to the third page of the nutritional analysis
    41        it has "Sandwiches" at the top.  If we look at the sodium
    42        content in the advert of the regular fries, we see 109
    43        milligrams, do we not?
    44        A.  Correct.
    46   Q.   If we look at the sodium content in the french fries, it
    47        is in the bottom column, the first item in the bottom
    48        column, of the Hazelton report.  Do you have that?
    49        A.  Yes, I do.
    51   Q.   In the last of the three, under "Other Items" --  sorry, 
    52        the first in that section is french fries.  Do you see 
    53        that sodium in milligrams there is also 109 milligrams?
    54        Do you see what I am looking at?
    55        A.  Yes.  The 109 in the 1987 ad is the same amount as 109
    56        in 1986 figures provided by McDonald's.
    58   Q.   If we look at the cheeseburger in the ad we see 743
    59        milligrams of sodium and the cheeseburger; it is under
    60        "Sandwiches".  Do you see that?  Could you tell us how

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