Day 039 - 20 Oct 94 - Page 03

     1        if you give an indication that maybe more references will
     2        not be needed or maybe some references will be.
     4   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes, I will do that.  Do not expect me ----
     6   MR. MORRIS:  We obviously do not want to go through hundreds of
     7        references; I do not intend to.
     9   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I am quite prepared to do that.  You start on
    10        Sunset Yellow.
    12   MR. MORRIS (To the witness):  Is there anything else,
    13        Dr. Millstone?  Did you manage to do a little bit of
    14        preparation last night for today in terms of extracting the
    15        important ----
    16        A.  What I have endeavoured to do is to highlight within
    17        the text of the document I prepared what I take to be the
    18        most salient aspects of it.
    20   Q.   Right.  What I am going to do, just so we can get a system
    21        going, is take you through each compound.  I am going to
    22        ask you first specifically on intolerances, generally
    23        intolerances, and allergies, secondly, on carcinogenicity
    24        and, thirdly, hyperactivity -- obviously they are not going
    25        to apply to every compound -- just so we have a system of
    26        knowing which evidence deals with which of those points; is
    27        that OK?
    28        A.  Well, Mr. Morris, you are free to ask any questions you
    29        think fit and I will endeavour to answer them.  I would
    30        like to point out, however, that not all of the adverse
    31        effects to which I have endeavoured to draw attention in my
    32        text fall under those headings.
    34   Q.   What is the other category -- is there another category?
    35        A.  If you want, the broadest way of characterising it, it
    36        would be other generalised adverse effect.  I mean, some
    37        are typically chronic but not necessarily carcinogenic.
    39   MR. RAMPTON:  I do not know whether it does help at this stage;
    40        it might help me to follow the evidence (possibly also your
    41        Lordship) if, when we are talking about chronic effects, a
    42        distinction is to be made, Dr. Millstone might be careful
    43        to distinguish between potential chronic effects in humans
    44        and observed chronic effects in animals.  It may be an
    45        important distinction; I do not know.
    47   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  The other thing we can do, if you like,
    48        as we come to each one, I will tell you which parts I have
    49        underlined in that section which appear to me to relate to
    50        human beings.  It does not mean to say I am neglecting 
    51        studies which have been done on animals, but where there is 
    52        a reference which appears to have been an observed or 
    53        indicated adverse reaction so far as men or women are
    54        concerned; and in two instances which I have looked at
    55        where it seems to me that the reference may not support the
    56        statement made in the statement, I will canvas that with
    57        you.  I do not want to embark on cross-examination with
    58        Dr. Millstone myself.  That is not my function.  In any
    59        event Mr. Rampton is going to ask him such questions as he
    60        sees fit to ask in due course, but I will raise it so you

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