Day 044 - 02 Nov 94 - Page 02

     1                                 Wednesday, 2nd November, 1994.
     3   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, I did mention to your Lordship's clerk
     4        that I would, if your Lordship would allow me, mention the
     5        question of witnesses, simply because we have to try and
     6        arrange for times which are convenient to them and to
     7        your Lordship.
     9        We have warned Mr. Miles, if your Lordship has the plan,
    10        that his appointment here for Friday is now in some
    11        considerable doubt.  He can still do Monday; he can also do
    12        Thursday and Friday of next week, the 10th and 11th,
    13        provided that he is given time at midday to fulfil two
    14        longstanding business lunch engagements.  Of course, there
    15        is the question of Mr. Hawkes as well.  Then, of course,
    16        there is, in addition to that, the question of the
    17        Defendants' advertising witnesses.
    19        Having said that, I am not making any proposal.  I am
    20        entirely in your Lordship's hands.  If your Lordship would
    21        prefer to bring back Mr. Hawkes before Mr. Miles gives
    22        evidence, then so be it.  That would probably be on Monday
    23        and possibly also Tuesday.  When Mr. Miles should give
    24        evidence would then fall to be decided.  It might be that
    25        week.  All I can tell your Lordship about his movements
    26        further in the future is that he does not have two
    27        consecutive days available to him before Christmas, apart
    28        from Thursday and Friday of next week.
    30        One should add, I feel, that whereas Mr. Oakley ought
    31        perhaps to stay where he is, Mr. Fairgrieve, the argument
    32        about the amendment, Mr. Siddique and Mr. Stein are capable
    33        of being shifted around, in other words, sent from where
    34        they are presently placed and brought back at some future
    35        date.
    37        While I am on this chart, I would also mention something
    38        that I mentioned the other day, which is the question of
    39        whether we need to call Mr. Bateman at all, which depended
    40        on whether the Defendants were still making a case about
    41        the supposed adverse effects of paper making, given that
    42        they have now said they are not calling Vicky Carroll.  If
    43        they are not, then those two days become blank; and we have
    44        tentatively suggested that those might be days when
    45        Professor Crawford might be recalled.
    47        Those things said, my Lord, I am entirely in your
    48        Lordship's hands as to what you would like us to do.
    50   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  There is another factor, which is the 
    51        question of a break between the end of advertising, and -- 
    52        I say carrying on with recycling and waste, but we are 
    53        really going back into it, so it might be treated as a new
    54        topic, again.
    56   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, then that raises a further question of
    57        whether your Lordship would contemplate a break before
    58        Mr. Oakley or before the Defendants call their witnesses,
    59        or both.

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