Day 045 - 03 Nov 94 - Page 03

     1        A.  Yes.
     3   Q.   If you turn to tab 6, I think it is, and if you turn to
     4        page 50?
     5        A.  Yes.
     7   Q.   Paragraph 14; just explain what that paragraph is about?
     8        A.  I think the paragraph, essentially, says what it is
     9        about, and that is that we strive to have a time in the
    10        commercial, as it says here:
    12        "....where a little moment that tugs at your emotions,
    13        makes you laugh or feel a warm empathy towards the
    14        commercial.  It is a moment that separates McDonald's
    15        advertising from the others."
    17   Q.   What do you mean by "feel a warm empathy towards the
    18        commercial"?
    19        A.  Obviously, if you feel that the commercial strikes at
    20        your emotions, then you will enjoy the commercial.  Again,
    21        it is part of entertainment; just like if you go to a play
    22        or you go to a movie, if there are emotions in the movie
    23        that make you feel empathy with the movie or with the play,
    24        it makes you feel better about it.
    26   Q.   Is empathy something that people normally feel towards
    27        commercials, or is it something that is usually used to
    28        describe feelings towards other people, characters or
    29        animals, or something like?
    30        A.  No.  I think that emotions, certainly in the United
    31        States, play a role in commercial advertising; it is part
    32        of the entertainment value of the commercial.  Many
    33        commercials in the United States make you laugh or use
    34        things that might be a joke, or make you feel good
    35        emotionally.
    37   Q.   Why do you want to play with people's emotions and get them
    38        to feel an empathy towards the commercial?
    39        A.  I think emotions, or those kinds of commercials are
    40        part of what advertising is about.  Advertising does not
    41        just only inform but, obviously, it entertains, and
    42        emotions play a part in entertainment.
    44   Q.   You want people to feel an empathy towards the company?
    45        A.  Yes.  We would like people to interact with our
    46        commercials.  Obviously, if you have an emotional feeling
    47        about a commercial, then you are interacting with it.
    49   MR. MORRIS:  So, in other words, you get people to feel an
    50        emotion towards the entertainment value of the commercial 
    51        in order to associate that emotion with empathy towards the 
    52        company? 
    53        A.  Yes.  It is part of-----
    55   Q.   So, in other words, you are manipulating people's emotions
    56        for a subliminal purpose?
    57        A.  No, there is no subliminal purpose at all.  It is very
    58        plain what the commercial do, if you see commercials and if
    59        they make you laugh or make you feel emotional.  It is very
    60        specific.  There is no hidden agenda or hidden meaning.

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