Day 046 - 04 Nov 94 - Page 02

     1                                      Friday, 4th November 1994.
     3                      MR. DAVID GREEN, recalled.
     5             Cross-Examined by the Defendants, continued.
     7   MR. MORRIS:  Yesterday, Mr. Green, we left off on the figures
     8        for advertising spots.
     9        A.  Yes.
    11   Q.   What is the average rating point for a children's ad that
    12        McDonald's would be interested in?
    13        A.  You know, I am not exactly sure.  I know pretty much
    14        what the adult one is.  I think it is similar.
    16   Q.   Give us a rough figure as to what you think they might be?
    17        A.  In the range of five, six or seven.
    19   Q.   For children?
    20        A.  Yes.  But I am not exactly sure about that, but I think
    21        that is the range.
    23   Q.   Between five and seven?
    24        A.  Well, I know it is a bit less than the average rating
    25        for adult, but it should be somewhere in that range;
    26        between four and six, probably.  If an adult is seven, it
    27        is probably between four and six.
    29   MR. MORRIS:   So children is four to six, and adults seven.
    31   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  He has said twice now in the region of that.
    33   MR. MORRIS:  Yes.
    35   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  If he cannot specifically remember, one must
    36        not turn it into a definite figure or even a definite
    37        bracket.
    39   MR. MORRIS:  A general idea.
    41        (To the witness)  You said, on the first day when you were
    42        examined by Mr. Rampton, that in a four week period, on
    43        average, adults would see an ad three to four times a week
    44        and children would see an ad two to three times a week.  Is
    45        that correct?
    46        A.  I am not exactly sure what I remember saying.  My best
    47        recollection, as I am thinking about it right now, is that
    48        an average adult sees a commercial about five times a week,
    49        a little over five times a week, and the average child sees
    50        it about three times a week. 
    52        It may be best if I could give you -- the numbers I am 
    53        trying to divide are the numbers that I remember for a
    54        year. So may be it would be best if I gave you the year
    55        numbers, and then you can do the division.
    57        The average adult or heavy user -- essentially, the same --
    58        is about 270 times a year.  The average radio for adult is
    59        about 140 times a year.  The average television for
    60        children -- we do not do any radio for children -- the

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