Day 046 - 04 Nov 94 - Page 03

     1        average television for children is about 170 times a year.
     3        So that is, sort of, how I am trying to remember the math.
     4        270, 140, and 170; that is the math that I am working back
     5        from.
     7   MS. STEEL:  That is not the number of times that the adverts are
     8        shown, though?
     9        A.  No.  Obviously, they are more times than that, but not
    10        everybody watches every commercial.  But that would be
    11        average.
    13   MR. MORRIS:  The children's rating points are lower, in the
    14        region of four to six, say five-ish?
    15        A.  Yes.
    17   Q.   The adult rating point is seven.  So the children's ads
    18        would be shown----
    19        A.  To reach the same number, percentage -- to reach the
    20        same percentage of children, the ad might be shown a bit
    21        more often.
    23   Q.   Yes.
    24        A.  But, again, the best-----
    26   Q.   Over five times or more?
    27        A.  The best basic aspect of it would be to look at the
    28        overall average times that a person sees a McDonald's
    29        commercial.
    31   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Very, very broadly, the exposure is in the
    32        proportion of 7/4?
    33        A.  Yes.
    35   Q.   If an adult sees an ad about 270 times a year on television
    36        and a child does about 170?
    37        A.  That is correct.
    39   MR. JUSTICE BELL:   Just doing some very quick mental
    40        arithmetic, that is about 7/4.  So if the child's rating
    41        points were five or six, there would be rather more ads per
    42        actual-----
    44   MR. RAMPTON:  I was not sure whether the witness said 140 for
    45        children.  I did my first sum on 140 times a year.
    47   MS. STEEL:  I think that was radio.
    49   MR. JUSTICE STEEL:  That was radio, adults.
    51   THE WITNESS:   It is about 170 times for children. 
    53   MR. MORRIS:  We heard from Mr. Hawkes that the percentage of
    54        children's advertising had fallen in this country over the
    55        last five years -- I think it was five years -- and there
    56        was a trend, generally.  Is that trend the same in America?
    57        A.  No.  To the best of my recollection, it is about the
    58        same percentage over the last three to five years that
    59        I can remember.

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