Day 047 - 07 Nov 94 - Page 02

     1                                      Monday, 7th November, 1994
     3   MR. MORRIS:  We have just had a meeting with our witness here,
     4        discussing the papers which she has gathered.  She has not
     5        got copies of them.  We are just going to copy them at some
     6        stage, tonight or something.  That is basically that,
     7        really, I think.
     9   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Right.  Thank you.
    11   MR. RAMPTON:  Mr. Miles please.
    13                       KENNETH NORMAN MILES, sworn
    14                       Examined by MR. RAMPTON QC
    16   Q.   Mr. Miles, are your full names Kenneth Miles?
    17        A.  Kenneth Norman Miles.
    19   Q.   Do you give your address as the Incorporated Society of
    20        British Advertisers at 44 Hertford Street, London W.1?
    21        A.  Yes.
    23   Q.   Are you the Director General and Chief Executive of that
    24        society?
    25        A.  Yes.
    27   Q.   Is that an advertising industry association?
    28        A.  It is an association for companies who advertise.
    30   Q.   It is not an association of advertising agents?
    31        A.  No.
    33   Q.   How long have you worked for the Incorporated Society of
    34        British Advertisers?
    35        A.  I have been there for 15 years.
    37   Q.   Have you held the same post during all of that time?
    38        A.  Yes.
    40   Q.   What does your discharge of that role involve you in doing?
    41        A.  I am responsible for advising companies and
    42        representing their views on everything connected with
    43        advertising and publicity of any kind.  That means advising
    44        them on practical day-to-day subjects, also representing
    45        their views to the government, to the media owners, or to
    46        anyone else.
    48        It is our task to look after the interests of companies,
    49        both in the short term and in the longer term; and of
    50        course the advertising codes and the maintenance of high 
    51        standards in advertising are an important part of the 
    52        longer term issues. 
    54   Q.   Does it mean that you are able to tell us -- and I will ask
    55        you in detail in a moment -- if you can, what are the
    56        purposes and perceived effects of advertising in this
    57        country?
    58        A.  Yes.  I believe I am in a position to do that.
    60   Q.   Before you joined the society as its Director General and

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