Day 047 - 07 Nov 94 - Page 03

     1        Chief Executive, had you worked, as it were, in advertising
     2        before that?
     3        A.  Yes.  I had worked in a number of marketing companies,
     4        in marketing and advertising posts.
     6   Q.   How long, then, has your professional life in advertising
     7        in total been?
     8        A.  40 years.
    10   Q.   Do you serve as a member of the Advertising Advisory
    11        Committee of the ITC?
    12        A.  Yes.
    14   Q.   How long have you been a member of that committee?
    15        A.  Since I joined the ISBA in 1979 -- 15 years.
    17   Q.   Are you also a member of the Committee of Advertising
    18        Practice which draws up the codes for the Advertising
    19        Standards Authority?
    20        A.  Yes.
    22   Q.   Does the Advertising Standards Authority concern itself
    23        with what I might call non-broadcast advertising?
    24        A.  That is correct.
    26   Q.   Are you familiar with the codes or guidelines which are
    27        promulgated by those two bodies, the ITC and the ISBA?
    28        A.  Very familiar.
    30   Q.   Do you keep track of the number and types of complaints
    31        which are received by those bodies?
    32        A.  Yes, I do.  Each month, each of those bodies issues a
    33        report on complaints they have adjudicated on; not always
    34        have they upheld the complaints, but, therefore, I have
    35        seen the details.  I have not got the numbers in my head,
    36        but I have seen the details of every significant complaint
    37        to both authorities.
    39   Q.   Are you in a position to give us an idea -- I am not
    40        interested in numbers -- of broad trends of both in numbers
    41        and in types of complaints?
    42        A.  Yes.
    44   Q.   Are you a board member of the World Federation of
    45        Advertisers?
    46        A.  Yes, I am.
    48   Q.   What is that?
    49        A.  It is an association, or a federation, which brings
    50        together associations like mine from around the world; 
    51        rather, over 30 different countries take part in the World 
    52        Federation of Advertisers:  countries in North America, 
    53        South America, almost all the European countries -- one has
    54        just joined from Russia -- countries in Asia, the Pacific
    55        area, some in the Middle East.
    57        So, yes, we compare notes and we support each other in a
    58        number of ways.
    60   Q.   Do most of the members of the World Federation have some

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