Day 050 - 10 Nov 94 - Page 03

     1        to accept that we have to set Monday aside to complete her
     2        evidence, so we are going to break into next week, anyway.
     3        If we are going to do that, do we lose anything at all by
     4        saying let her be called into the witness box on Monday and
     5        have perhaps Monday and Tuesday for her evidence.
     7   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, it matters not to us, at all.
     9   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  It would be most unfortunate if, in some
    10        anxiety to press on with the case, I said tomorrow morning,
    11        and she was clearly under distress because she had not got
    12        her notes and felt insufficiently prepared.
    14   MR. RAMPTON:  I agree.
    16   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Let us go on with Mr. Miles now.  Is there
    17        anyone in court who can make a phone call for you while we
    18        get on with the case?
    20   MR. MORRIS:  Yes.
    22   MR. RAMPTON:  I would say this:  I would like, your Lordship, to
    23        try to finish these nutritional (sic) issues, saving
    24        Professor Crawford.
    26   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Advertising.
    28   MR. RAMPTON:  Sorry, advertising.  I would like to finish it if
    29        it is at all possible, and before we start on recycling and
    30        waste the following week.  Whereas what has happened last
    31        night is serious and distressing, I would like to start
    32        Miss Dibb on Monday.
    34   MS. STEEL:  It is a pre-arranged holiday.  I think she has to
    35        go abroad.
    37   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I think you should find out what the
    38        situation is.  I would like to avoid anyone having to
    39        cancel a holiday, but I am afraid, time and time again, it
    40        has to happen.  It just depends just how important the
    41        holiday is and how important the stage in the particular
    42        litigation is.  But it seems to me the first thing to find
    43        out is whether, in any event, she can come on Monday and
    44        Tuesday.  Two days should be sufficient ---
    46   MR. RAMPTON:  Yes.
    48   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  -- should it not?
    50   MR. RAMPTON:  It depends how long the evidence-in-chief goes on. 
    52   MS. STEEL:  We will find out what day she has to go away next 
    53        week.  But, with respect, Mr. Oakley was due to give
    54        evidence and he had some conference that he wanted to go
    55        to, and he got put off to any old day.
    57   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Find out first.  We have so many arguments
    58        when we do not know what the actual situation is.  Find out
    59        first, and then we will discuss it again.

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