Day 054 - 24 Nov 94 - Page 03

     1        you, if you like.  (To the witness):  I have a copy of this
     2        statement signed by you, Ms. Dibb, which is dated July
     3        1993.  It extends to just over one page with three
     4        references at the end.  Do you want me to accept that as
     5        part of your evidence?
     6        A.  Yes.
     8   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Very well, unless and until Mr. Rampton
     9        objects, Ms. Dibb can refer to any notes she wants.  Let us
    10        see how we go.
    12   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, the only other thing is she did make
    13        reference to a video; I am not sure what that is.
    15   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Let us wait and see.
    17   MS. STEEL:  It was the video that was shown in court.
    19   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes, that is what I thought but you carry on.
    21   MS. STEEL:  Could you tell us about your expertise relevant to
    22        the issue that you have come to give evidence on?
    23        A.  I have worked in the area of food and food policy for
    24        the past 10 years.  For the past five years my work has had
    25        particular emphasis on children and food advertising.
    26        I have conducted a number of studies into the nature and
    27        extent of advertising on children's television.  I am the
    28        National Food Alliance project officer for their working
    29        party on food advertising.  And I am the author of a report
    30        published by the National Food Alliance in July 1993
    31        entitled Children:  "Advertisers' Dream, Nutrition
    32        Nightmare?"
    34   Q.   What did that look into?
    35        A.  The report looked at children's diets and influences on
    36        children's diets including advertising.  It looked at the
    37        nature and extent of advertising of food to children.  It
    38        looked at the regulatory bodies that control advertising,
    39        and it looked at the situation in other countries.  It made
    40        a number of recommendations which were supported, which
    41        continued to be supported, by over 50 national
    42        organisations.
    44   Q.   Right.  We will probably have a look at that later, so we
    45        can look at which groups were supporting that as well at a
    46        later stage.  So, is it right that you have also -- do you
    47        want to talk a bit more about the other experience that you
    48        have?
    49        A.  Yes, as project officer for the National Food Alliance
    50        Working Party on Advertising, I co-ordinate the NFA's work 
    51        in this area.  That has involved, particularly in the last 
    52        year, negotiations and submissions to the advertising 
    53        regulatory bodies.  It has also involved consultations with
    54        the Nutrition Task Force.  I was asked to make a
    55        presentation to the Nutritional Task Force Group that was
    56        looking at food advertising.
    58   Q.   Is that the government body, the Nutrition Task Force?
    59        A.  The nutrition Task Force is the body that was set up to
    60        the implement the government's Health of the Nation White

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