Day 056 - 28 Nov 94 - Page 03

     1        matters which you wanted to raise and you put on the list
     2        for me and use us much time as we can tomorrow to dispose
     3        of as many of those as is possible, or at least hearing the
     4        argument on them.
     6                    TERENCE STUART MALLINSON, Sworn
     7                       Examined by Mr. RAMPTON
     9   Q.   Mr. Mallinson, are your full names Terence "S" for
    10        something -- please give it to us -- Mallinson?
    11        A.  Terence Stuart Mallinson.
    13   Q.   Do you live at 155 Portland Road, London W11?
    14        A.  Yes.
    16   Q.   Have you made a statement for the purpose of these
    17        proceedings on behalf of the Plaintiffs?
    18        A.  I have.
    20   Q.   Are you content that that statement should stand as your
    21        evidence-in-chief in this case?
    22        A.  I am.
    24   Q.   Only one further question before I sit down, Mr. Mallinson,
    25        you have recently expanded one section of your original
    26        report; is that right?
    27        A.  Yes.
    29   Q.   Was the purpose of that better to explain your reasoning
    30        and your figures as to the number of trees used for
    31        McDonald's annually in Europe?
    32        A.  Yes, I felt that it did not read as clearly as it might
    33        and it was rewritten for that purpose.
    35   MR. RAMPTON:  Thank you very much.
    37                   Cross-examined by the Defendants
    39   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  The statement you were referring to,
    40        Mr. Rampton, of Mr. Mallinson is the new one ---
    42   MR. RAMPTON:  Yes, my Lord.
    44   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  -- which was served on 23rd November 1994?
    46   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, that is right.
    48   MR. MORRIS:  I do not know if the whole of the addendum was
    49        incorporated; do you remember if it was the whole of the
    50        addendum from your original statement, did that all find 
    51        its way into the new statement? 
    52        A.  I would hope so, yes, unless there is any point you 
    53        think noted, I think so.
    55   Q.   I was not sure.
    57   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  What I suggest is if at any stage you think
    58        something was not, you ask Mr. Mallinson about that in case
    59        there was any omission.  Yes?

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