Day 059 - 01 Dec 94 - Page 02

     1                                           1st December 1994.
     3   MR. MORRIS:  There are just a couple of documents from the
     4        Defendants' side which may be relevant to Mr. Oakley's
     5        evidence which we have just served on the Plaintiffs.
     6        Actually, there is one of a newspaper cutting which is this
     7        year.  I have just put the year on it -- I will just put it
     8        on now -- and the other document is undated.  (Handed).
    10   MR. RAMPTON:  In order to avoid delay, what I would like to do,
    11        if I may -- I have only just looked at these documents, I
    12        have not digested them; Mr. Oakley has not seen them -- is
    13        to go straight on with Mr. Oakley but have your Lordship's
    14        permission, if I may, to speak to Mr. Oakley, if I think it
    15        necessary to do so, about these two documents at some stage
    16        later on but before tomorrow.
    18   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  Until I am told that there is a better
    19        place to put them, I will just put them behind Mr. Oakley's
    20        statement.
    22                      EDWARD ANTHONY OAKLEY, Sworn
    23                          Examined by Mr. Rampton.
    25   Q.   Mr. Oakley, are your full names Edward Anthony Oakley?
    26        A.  Yes.
    28   Q.   You have to say "yes" and you have to speak up for two
    29        reasons, first because you need to be recorded ----- Edward
    30        Anthony Oakley, do you give your address as the Head Office
    31        of McDonald's Restaurants Limited in this country which is
    32        in High Road, East Finchley, London N2?
    33        A.  Yes.
    35   Q.   Are you chief officer and a Senior Vice President of
    36        McDonald's UK and the Republic of Ireland?
    37        A.  Yes, I am.
    39   Q.   Can you please tell me, in broad terms, please, what
    40        responsibilities those positions impose on you within
    41        McDonald's organisation?
    42        A.  I am responsible for the purchasing and quality
    43        assurance departments of the UK and Ireland.
    45   Q.   Of the UK and Ireland?
    46        A.  Yes.
    48   Q.   Do you have any responsibilities for any part of the rest
    49        of Europe?
    50        A.  Yes, I do, in another capacity I work for McDonald's 
    51        development company and have responsibilities for 
    52        purchasing and quality assurance in Northern Europe. 
    54   Q.   Does that include Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden,
    55        Denmark, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland?
    56        A.  It does, yes.
    58   Q.   Have you acquired in the course of your work for McDonald's
    59         -- I am coming back in more detail to that in a moment --
    60        any knowledge of what goes on in the other European

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