Day 059 - 01 Dec 94 - Page 03

     1        countries for which you are not directly responsible?
     2        A.  Yes, I have some knowledge.  I sit on the European
     3        Purchasing Board and would meet my colleagues from the
     4        other countries.
     6   Q.   Does purchasing -- this maybe a silly question but please
     7        answer it just the same -- cover everything which
     8        McDonald's needs in order to run its business, the purchase
     9        of all things or not?
    10        A.  No, not everything.
    12   Q.   Not everything.  Does it include the purchase of food?
    13        A.  It does, yes.
    15   Q.   Does it include the purchase of packaging?
    16        A.  Yes, it does.
    18   Q.   I think for the moment that is all I am concerned with.
    19        How long have you worked for McDonald's, Mr. Oakley?
    20        A.  Since 1978.
    22   Q.   What post did you hold when you first joined them?
    23        A.  Purchasing manager.
    25   Q.   Had you had any relevant experience before you joined
    26        McDonald's as a purchasing manager in 1978?
    27        A.  Yes, I had.  I had worked with Misslebrook & Weston in
    28        Southampton which is a wholesale food company; I also
    29        worked in South Africa with OK Bazaars which is one of the
    30        largest retailers in the southern hemisphere, both in
    31        buying capacities.
    33   Q.   When did you take up your post as chief purchasing officer
    34        for McDonald's?
    35        A.  As against purchasing manager?
    37   Q.   Yes, when did you become chief purchasing officer?
    38        A.  In 1984.
    40   Q.   Since when have you had responsibility for those other
    41        northern European countries that we have mentioned?
    42        A.  Those specific countries is very recently, it would be
    43        within the last two years.  Prior to that I did have a
    44        European responsibility but not in the current capacity.
    46   Q.   Quality assurance, can you just explain -- it may speak for
    47        itself -- briefly what that involves?
    48        A.  The Quality Assurance Department are really controlling
    49        the quality that comes from the food factories that supply
    50        McDonald's, but not packaging.  Packaging is controlled by 
    51        Perseco.  They also control the quality of the food as it 
    52        enters the distribution chain from the factory to the 
    53        distribution centre, and from the distribution centre to
    54        the restaurants.  They control the quality of the food
    55        stored and served in the restaurants.
    57   Q.   Leaving aside restaurant premises and offices, does
    58        McDonald's in the UK and Eire own any, what shall I say,
    59        suppliers?
    60        A.  No, not at all.

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