Day 062 - 06 Dec 94 - Page 03

     1   Q.   Yes.  As we shall shortly see, does the European market
     2        include Turkey?
     3        A.  It includes anything between Moscow and Reykjavik.
     5   Q.   Including, I think, some countries in North Africa?
     6        A.  Including Morocco, Egypt at the moment and Israel.
     8   Q.   When did you join Perseco?
     9        A.  I joined Perseco in September 1991.
    11   Q.   What was your position when you first joined them?
    12        A.  My position at that time was Environmental Supervisor.
    14   Q.   Had you before you joined them obtained a degree in biology
    15        from the University of Nijmegan ----
    16        A.  Yes.
    18   Q.   -- in Holland and after that an MBA from the University of
    19        Rotterdam?
    20        A.  Yes.
    22   Q.   Did you move directly from finishing the MDA to join
    23        Perseco in Holland?
    24        A.  Yes.
    26   Q.   Did you know when you joined Perseco -- this may seem a
    27        silly question but please answer it just the same -- what
    28        sort of a company it was or its business was?
    29        A.  Yes, it was.  It was advertised at the time as a job
    30        serving McDonald's as a customer, so I did know, yes.
    32   Q.   Can I ask you what influenced, apart from perhaps the money
    33        that they were offering, your choice to apply for a job,
    34        your decision to apply for job, at Perseco?
    35        A.  Well, that, basically, started with my decision to
    36        actually do an MBA after a study of biology, which to most
    37        people already were surprised about.  During my study in
    38        biology I decided I wanted to go into environmental
    39        management, and it seemed like at the time there were not a
    40        lot of environmental studies available and the combination
    41        of biology and a business study seemed to me a good
    42        combination to provide me with a background to go into that
    43        field.  So, therefore, I did an MBA.  Then, obviously,
    44        I was looking for jobs in the environmental management
    45        area.
    47        My original goal was the chemical industry since I had done
    48        an interimship there as well, but anything related to that
    49        industry or related to plastics packaging, paper packaging,
    50        would have aroused my interest as well.  Then when Perseco 
    51        came up, that was pretty much what I was looking for.  It 
    52        was advertised as a job in which you would be responsible 
    53        for a lot of the environmental aspects of packaging that
    54        was purchased for McDonald's in Europe.
    56   Q.   Can I ask you this first:  Were you conscious at the time
    57        when you joined Perseco of the size of McDonald's operation
    58        in Europe in broad terms?
    59        A.  No -- vaguely.  I was quite surprised to see how big
    60        and fast growing it was when I joined them -- when I had

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