Day 063 - 07 Dec 94 - Page 02

     1                                           December 7th, 1994.
     3   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, before we continue, having discussed the
     4        matter with Mr. Van Erp last night, he took the view that
     5        it would be easier from his point of view, rather than
     6        setting somebody down in front of a computer to try to
     7        collate all the figures and documents we mentioned
     8        yesterday, simply to produce the documents.  He has no
     9        objection because they do not contain any information that
    10        is commercially sensitive.  At the moment they are being
    11        copied.  It is quite a fat pile.  They are fairly easy to
    12        understand.  I have had a quick look at them.  It may be
    13        best -- it is entirely a matter for your Lordship -- when
    14        they arrive if with Mr. Van Erp's help I go through them
    15        and explain what they mean.
    17   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  When they arrive suggest we just take one
    18        sheet and Ms. Steel or Mr. Morris or I, if they wish, will
    19        merely ask Mr. Van Erp to explain what a typical sheet or a
    20        typical sheet of those which has actually volunteered the
    21        information dividing it into PI and PC percentages.  Then
    22        it might be that it would just be left there because,
    23        presumably, the figures, when they are calculated, will
    24        speak for themselves, and we can come back at any time in
    25        the future and an analysis can be put in, if that is what
    26        Ms. Steel and Mr. Morris produce, and what they want in.
    28   MR. RAMPTON:  The difficulty is, as I think Mr. Van Erp
    29        foreshadowed yesterday, there is only a proportion of
    30        suppliers that have actually broken it down into PI and PC.
    32   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I suggest we wait and see.  I would have
    33        hoped we can avoid certainly going into detail on the
    34        documents today.  Apart from anything else, it will take
    35        some time to look through them, but it may be Ms. Steel and
    36        Mr. Morris, when you have seen a typical sheet, so long as
    37        it is clear to you what it purports to say, then the rest
    38        is just analysis of the papers for whatever that proves to
    39        be worth.  Let us leave it like that.
    41   MR. RAMPTON:  The only other thing is, my Lord -- it may be best
    42        to leave it for re-examination, I do not know -- Mr. Van
    43        Erp has brought with him some small packets, three small
    44        packets, of recycled polystyrene foam at different stages
    45        in its recycled life.
    47   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I suggest, by all means deal with that in
    48        re-examination.  If Ms. Steel and Mr. Morris, knowing that
    49        he has got them, do not ask him -- yes, thank you very
    50        much. 
    52                      MR. KASPER VAN ERP, Continued. 
    53               Cross-examined by the Defendants, Continued.
    55   MS. STEEL:  Are you aware of McDonald's Corporate and
    56        Environmental Policy?
    57        A.  Yes, I am.
    59   Q.   Were you involved in the development of that?
    60        A.  It depends on which document you exactly refer to.

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