Day 063 - 07 Dec 94 - Page 03

     2   Q.   Which one are you aware of?
     3        A.  Well, there has been a Europe statement and before that
     4        there is a UK statement.
     6   Q.   When did the European statement get made?
     7        A.  I could not tell you exactly when that was published.
     8        I know of its existence but I could not tell you when it
     9        was published.
    11   MS. STEEL:  The European Environmental Policy, you said you do
    12        not know when that was produced?
    13        A.  No, not exactly.  I would not dare to make a positive
    14        statement on that.
    16   Q.   What do you know about the UK Environmental Policy
    17        statement?
    18        A.  They were similar in that sense that I think the UK
    19        statement was taken a little bit more from the American
    20        statement.  There was some rewording in the later European
    21        version, some other emphasis, but that is about it.
    23   Q.   The European one came after the UK one?
    24        A.  Yes.
    26   Q.   Did you have any input into the UK Environmental Policy
    27        statement or any involvement?
    28        A.  We had once been looked to -- once been asked to look
    29        at a draft.
    31   Q.   Do you know when that was?
    32        A.  That must have been in the beginning of -- it must have
    33        been either end 1991/beginning 1992, somewhere like that.
    35   Q.   That was the draft that you looked at?
    36        A.  I think it was in draft stage at that point in time.
    37        We were asked to look at whether it contained, whether we
    38        could add anything or whether that was right in the sense
    39        where it applied to packaging.
    41   Q.   So do you know when it was actually finally published?
    42        A.  No.
    44   Q.   You do not, no.
    45        A.  Does it not say on there?  I was not responsible for
    46        that document, so .....
    48   Q.   Have you seen this leaflet before?
    49        A.  Yes.
    51   Q.   Is that the policy statement? 
    53   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Can you hold it up so that Mr. Rampton can
    54        see it?
    56   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, I think it is No. 30 of pink volume V.
    58   MS. STEEL:  Is this the policy statement that you are aware of?
    59        A.  Yes, yes.  I have seen this before.

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