Day 064 - 08 Dec 94 - Page 03

     1        1992.
     3   MS. STEEL:  Actually it is dated April 1993 on page 3 of the
     4        document.
     5        A.  It looks like 1993, yes.  I do not have page numbers
     6        here.  What are we looking for?
     8   Q.   Right at the bottom, they are tiny.
     9        A.  It is not on my copy.
    11   Q.   You are looking for a heading:  "Buying British from french
    12        fries to apple pie".  It has a picture of french fries in
    13        the middle of the page?
    14        A.  Yes, I have it.
    16   Q.   Right.  Do you see in the right-hand column under "Helping
    17        British exports" it says:  "When we entered a partnership
    18        with Sun Valley Poultry in 1984 we helped them introduce
    19        new methods to their operation which made farming and
    20        processing more efficient whilst complying with all animal
    21        welfare approved food production standards?
    22        A.  Yes.
    24   Q.   What is that about then?
    25        A.  Exactly what it says; we introduced new methods to
    26        their operation which I have just described to you.  It
    27        goes on to say "which made farming and processing more
    28        efficient".
    30   Q.   Why should it have any effect on farming, what you have
    31        described?
    33   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Let him finish, I am not sure whether he had
    34         -- did you have anything more to say?
    35        A.  Not really other than I have said earlier.
    37   MS. STEEL:  Why should what you have described have any effect
    38        on farming?  In fact, I think you said it did not have any
    39        effect on farming.
    40        A.  I said we did not introduce any new farming ideas to
    41        Sun Valley.  Obviously, the more you farm the more
    42        efficient you can become.
    44   Q.   "We helped them introduce new methods to their operations
    45        which made farming and processing more efficient"?
    46        A.  That is right.  The new methods I have described
    47        earlier to their operations; the sheer volume of what
    48        McDonald's is using from Sun Valley automatically makes
    49        their farming more efficient.
    51   Q.   If it is only about processing, why does it mention animal 
    52        welfare? 
    53        A.  Sorry, I have not read on that far.  Let me see.  Well,
    54        it is not only about farming, is it, about processing; it
    55        is also about farming as well.  But we did not introduce
    56        new farming methods.  The sheer volume of what we use makes
    57        them more efficient and it goes on to say:  "Whilst
    58        complying with all animal welfare and food production
    59        standards" which we do.

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