Day 066 - 14 Dec 94 - Page 03

     1        conditional but, unless I am being very dim, does not seem
     2        to finish.
     4   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  No, the condition is if the Defendants have
     5        had false hopes.
     7   MR. RAMPTON:  I am sorry; I missed the next word.
     9   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  But all judgments are perfected.  If there is
    10        anything which any of you find which is grammatically
    11        wrong, when we come back to procedural matters please feel
    12        at liberty to correct it.
    14   MR. RAMPTON:  It was my mistake.  My Lord, before I call
    15        Dr. Gonzales who is here in court what I would like to do,
    16        if I may, is to ask Mr. Atkinson to read the Civil Evidence
    17        Act statement, Mr. Paul Simmonds, which is to be found in
    18        yellow volume XII, section E, tab 15.
    20   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  This is the statement of Paul
    21        G. Simmonds of McDonald's Corporation, McDonald's Plaza,
    22        Oak Brook, Illinois 60521, United States of America.
    24                (The statement of Paul Simmonds was read)
    26   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I just make a comment, Mr. Rampton, if I may:
    27        When you come to witnesses of yours, Ms. Steel and
    28        Mr. Morris, who are Civil Evidence Act witnesses, it is
    29        entirely up to you as to whether you read them out loud or
    30        merely draw my attention to the fact that they are there
    31        and ask me to take them as read.
    33                   DR. FERNANDO GOMEZ GONZALES, Sworn
    34                       Examined by Mr. Rampton.
    36   Q.   Dr. Gonzales, you are quite softly spoken.  This is a
    37        difficult court in which to make yourself heard.  Can I ask
    38        you to speak as loudly as you can?  If you direct your
    39        voice at me, then we shall all hear what you have to say.
    40        Thank you.  Are your full names Fernando Gomez Gonzales?
    41        A.  That is correct.
    43   Q.   Do you give your address as McDonald's Corporation,
    44        Oak Brook, Illinois in the United States?
    45        A.  That is my business address, that is correct.
    47   Q.   Are you now resident in the United States of America?
    48        A.  Yes, I am.
    50   Q.   For how many years have you lived in the USA? 
    51        A.  Since 1980. 
    53   Q.   Since 1980.  Were you born in Mexico?
    54        A.  Yes, I was.
    56   Q.   How old were you when you moved to the United States?
    57        A.  21.
    59   Q.   Were you educated for the first part of your education in
    60        Mexico?

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