Day 067 - 15 Dec 94 - Page 02

     1                                 Thursday, 15th December, 1994.
     3   Q.   My Lord, Dr. Gomez Gonzalez had the originals with him so
     4        I have made copies which we can all now read of those
     5        documents that I tried to deal with last night.  There is
     6        an additional document in that little bundle of three.  It
     7        is figures prepared by Dr. Gomez Gonzalez for McDonald's
     8        beef consumption in Costa Rica.  Can I just, my Lord,
     9        finish with a few questions about these figures?
    11   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.
    13                      DR. GOMEZ GONZALEZ, recalled.
    14                   Examined by MR. RAMPTON, Continued.
    16   THE WITNESS:  Can I clarify something, the figures from Costa
    17        Rica were prepared by Rodolfo Madrigal, our
    18        incountry Purchasing Manager from Costa Rica.
    20   Q.   Thank you.  Can we deal with that first and get it out of
    21        the way?  It is at the back of those three documents, the
    22        last one.  The handwriting on the top right-hand corner,
    23        whose handwriting is that?
    24        A.  That is mine.
    26   Q.   You have indicated that the total given there, the figure
    27        came from Costa Rica; is that right?
    28        A.  That is correct.
    30   Q.   And that the figure for McDonald's use in Costa Rica came
    31        from McDonald's, Costa Rica?
    32        A.  That is correct.
    34   Q.   That is Mr. Madrigal; is that right?
    35        A.  Yes, sir.
    37   Q.   He has calculated that McDonald's usage amounts to about
    38        0.27 per cent of the total beef production of Costa Rica;
    39        is that correct?
    40        A.  Yes, he did.  That is correct.
    42   Q.   Can we then turn to the other figures and look at figures
    43        for 1990?  The first document should be a document entitled
    44        "1990 Gee Whiz Numbers", is it?
    45        A.  Yes.
    47   Q.   You have to say "yes" simply so that you can be recorded.
    48        A.  Yes.
    50   Q.   So that your answer can be recorded.  Is this a McDonald's 
    51        document? 
    52        A.  Yes, it is. 
    54   Q.   You see the total beef usage by McDonald's in the USA, is
    55        that right -- this is a USA figure, is it?
    56        A.  That is correct.
    58   Q.   -- for 1990 was £497,869,128?
    59        A.  That is correct.

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