Day 073 - 13 Jan 95 - Page 02

     1                                      Friday, 13th January 1995.
     3   MR. MORRIS:  Unfortunately, we have mislaid some copies of
     4        documents, but I do have originals so I will try to
     5        organise a system for the Plaintiffs to have all the copies
     6        of all documents.  I will call Mr. Hopkins.
     8                     PETER THEODORE FRANCIS HOPKINS, Affirmed.
     9                            Examined by the Defendants
    11   MR. MORRIS:  Can you give your full name and address, please?
    12        A.  Yes, Peter Theodore Francis Hopkins.  My address is
    13        Newbridge Lodge, Dulverton, Somerset, UK.
    15   Q.   Can you speak slowly and loudly so that it can be
    16        recorded?  Is it true you are an independent environmental
    17        researcher?
    18        A.  Yes, it is true.
    20   Q.   What are the issues you primarily work on?
    21        A.  I am particularly concerned with the destruction and
    22        degradation of natural native forests and their growth in
    23        the coniferous regions.
    25   Q.   You say in your statement "boreal forest".  Can you explain
    26        that, what they are?
    27        A.  Boreal forest is what you might call the pine forests
    28        and fir forests in the north, northern hemisphere, the kind
    29        of place where Father Christmas comes from, you might say;
    30        places like northern Canada, northern Sweden, Finland,
    31        Russia, Siberia, very north of Scotland.
    33   MR. RAMPTON:  May I make an intervention, which I hope will be
    34        helpful?  As matters presently stand, and having thought
    35        carefully about the contents of Mr. Hopkins' written
    36        statement, and having looked again at what was put to
    37        Mr. Mallinson in cross-examination, so far as the written
    38        statements are concerned, there are no matters upon which,
    39        as presently advised, I should wish to cross-examine
    40        Mr. Hopkins for reasons which, at the end of the case,
    41        I will make clear to your Lordship if they are not already
    42        clear on the face of the documents and the evidence.
    44        If there are any other matters beyond what is in the
    45        statement about which Ms. Steel and Mr. Morris should wish
    46        to ask Mr. Hopkins, then by all means let them do so, so
    47        that it may be then I should think of some question I want
    48        to put to him.  As matters presently stand, I see no
    49        purpose on my cross-examining him on the contents of his
    50        written statement. 
    52   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  What I suggest you do is there are two 
    53        aspects for you to consider when you have got a detailed
    54        statement which has been disclosed, such as that of
    55        Mr. Hopkins which I have read through more than once, you
    56        can, as you know, as happened in the past, take that
    57        statement as read.  We can follow the usual -----
    59   MR. MORRIS:  I was intending to do that.

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