Day 076 - 18 Jan 95 - Page 03

     1        A.  I am on the Executive Committee.  I am the Honorary
     2        Press and Publicity Officer.
     4   Q.   The Residents Association's work, how would you sum up the
     5        purpose of the work which you have been involved with since
     6        1979; what is the purpose?
     7        A.  Well, the Association was actually formed because we
     8        were having trouble with the pub in the street and it had
     9        become rather an insalubrious kind of place.  So, we formed
    10        an association to challenge its licence which we did
    11        successfully and they changed landlords.  They took it very
    12        seriously.  We then kept going.  We have an annual street
    13        party and we have four meetings a year at which all local
    14        issues are raised.
    16   Q.   But what is the primary concern of the Residents
    17        Associations that you have been involved with?
    18        A.  I think it says so on our notepaper something about
    19        protecting the quality of life of Smith Street and Woodfall
    20        Street which comes under our umbrella.
    22   Q.   I am sort of looking at your statement as I am going
    23        through.  You have said:  "Ever since McDonald's opened at
    24        the corner of Kings Road and Royal Avenue our street has
    25        suffered from pollution by environment/index.html">litter".  Could you give an
    26        account of how the restaurant was opened and the residents'
    27        response to the plans to open and then to the opening of
    28        the restaurant, around that period is what I am saying,
    29        just give an account of what was happening.
    30        A.  I do not think we really became -- we were aware that
    31        McDonald's was going there but, to be absolutely frank, we
    32        were very glad that they were going to Royal Avenue and not
    33        the corner of Smith Street which was their original
    34        intention.  They tried to get a licence in the building
    35        just behind our houses and we opposed that, and they then
    36        went to what was then Drummonds Cafe and took that over
    37        because it had an existing A3 licence.  So, we, in effect,
    38        were rather glad that they had gone to Royal Avenue, I am
    39        afraid.
    41   Q.   What was the reason for that, though, what was your
    42        concern?
    43        A.  Oh, mess and late night noise.  It is the late night
    44        noise actually that has been our major concern because the
    45        longer people stay eating outside our houses, they may drop
    46        environment/index.html">litter all over the place but it is the slamming of doors
    47        and the revving up of car engines and the late night
    48        departures that we suffered from most.
    50   Q.   But regarding environment/index.html">litter (which is what we are primarily 
    51        concerned with), you were concerned about potential environment/index.html">litter 
    52        problems? 
    53        A.  Oh, yes, yes, it came up at every residents' meeting.
    55   Q.   Has the concern about environment/index.html">litter problems come up at meetings
    56        since McDonald's actually opened?
    57        A.  Yes.
    59   Q.   Regularly?
    60        A.  As a regular thing, yes.  I would not say it was every

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