Day 077 - 25 Jan 95 - Page 02

     1                                 Wednesday, 25th January, 1995.
     3   MR. MORRIS:  Thank you for the delay there; we had a bit of
     4        trouble getting in.  There are a couple of brief
     5        administrative matters.  There were documents served at the
     6        end of last week, miscellaneous hygiene and welfare/food
     7        poisoning documents which I presume -----
     9   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Served by you?
    11   MR. MORRIS:  By us on the Plaintiffs.  You should have a set.
    12        I think it was suggested opening a new file just devoted to
    13        Defence Supplementary List.
    15   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I think that would be helpful, yes.
    17   MR. MORRIS:  Otherwise we will never find things.
    19   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Are you eventually going to put documents you
    20        have produced in the past in that file or are you going to
    21        start from scratch now with this?
    23   MR. MORRIS:  At the moment we are starting from scratch because
    24        we do not have a record, although Mrs. Brinley-Codd has
    25        been making a record.
    27   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I will open a file which I will call
    28        something like "Documents produced by the Defendants in
    29        court" or something like that.
    31   MR. MORRIS:  Yes.
    33   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I will start it with this, unless Mr. Rampton
    34        has some better suggestion.  If you want to put into it any
    35        documents which you have produced in the past, let me know.
    37   MR. MORRIS:  Yes.  I suggest that we put it in sections under
    38        the headings of the case.
    40   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  Very well.  I will put in the ----
    42   MR. MORRIS:  Hygiene and welfare -- this is amalgamated hygiene
    43        and welfare.
    45   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  It occurred to me that the two very much go
    46        together.  Although I think advertising is 4, food
    47        poisoning 5 and animal welfare 6, if one reads the leaflet,
    48        it goes from advertising to an allegation about animal
    49        welfare, by virtue of saying "that if children really knew
    50        the facts", or words to the effect, "they would be put 
    51        off", and then food poisoning.  So, it may well be that the 
    52        logical approach is to look at the advertising and then go 
    53        on to animal welfare and food poisoning as one item after
    54        that.  Yes.  Thank you.
    56   MR. MORRIS:  I have copied the relevant parts of the references
    57        of Mr. Hopkins as well, but I do not have them together in
    58        a list.  There is one question in terms of procedure
    59        between the parties.  I do not know if the Plaintiffs are
    60        now sending you copies of all letters that they write as a

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