Day 080 - 30 Jan 95 - Page 02

     1                                      Monday, 30th January, 1995.
     3                     LOUIS DAVID WALKER, recalled.
     4                Cross-Examined by the Defendants, continued.
     6   MS. STEEL:   I am sorry we are late.
     8   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, before Ms. Steel continues, I think it
     9        right to tell your Lordship that I understand that arising
    10        out of the accusation that Mr. Morris made against
    11        Mr. Walker on Friday evening, Mr. Walker has caused
    12        enquiries to be made.  He is in a position, if your
    13        Lordship should wish it, to tell your Lordship how many
    14        patties are used daily for the purpose of microbiological
    15        examination by his company.
    17   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  What is the answer to that, Mr. Walker?
    19   THE WITNESS:  On both plants, on two shifts in each plant, for
    20        chemical and bacteriological testing we are destroying
    21        13,760 patties per day.
    23   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  13,000?
    24        A.  760 patties per day on an average day.
    26   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.
    28   MS. STEEL:  The 40 quality control checks that were listed on
    29        that sheet of paper, there have not always been 40 quality
    30        control checks, have there?
    31        A.  No, it has evolved and developed.  Actually as we speak
    32        today, it is up to 43.
    34   Q.   Right.
    35        A.  It just keeps growing.
    37   Q.   So it was not that long ago it used to be 36?
    38        A.  Quite so.
    40   Q.   When was that change over made from 36 to 40?
    41        A.  I cannot tell you.
    43   Q.   Was it sometime within the last year or so?
    44        A.  No, I cannot tell you.  I am not going to guess at it.
    45        It just goes on evolving.  As developments happen, we just
    46        improve the standards.
    48   Q.   Is it possible that the reason you initially forgot to
    49        mention about the tests on the finished products is because
    50        that was something that was introduced more recently? 
    51        A.  No. 
    53   Q.   So when are you saying that one was introduced?
    54        A.  We started testing the finished product just after
    55        1991.
    57   Q.   Just after 1991?
    58        A.  Yes.
    60   Q.   You said that the microbiological standards come from the

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