Day 080 - 30 Jan 95 - Page 03

     1        USA McDonald's?
     2        A.  Yes.
     4   Q.   Did they send you a document about that?
     5        A.  Well, it came in the original specification.
     7   Q.   For which specification?
     8        A.  For production.
    10   Q.   For production?
    11        A.  Yes.
    13   Q.   What is the title of that?
    14        A.  We have got two, have you not?  You have one for
    15        quarter pounders and one for ten to the pound.
    17   Q.   It was in the standards specifications?
    18        A.  Yes.
    20   Q.   The actual figures of the number of bacteria per gramme of
    21        meat, were they in the specifications?
    22        A.  Yes, I think they were.
    24   Q.   Can I just ask, you said that McDonald's now cook their
    25        burgers at 72 degrees for 40 seconds.  What was the
    26        temperature and time before the Preston outbreak of food
    27        poisoning?
    28        A.  I do not know.  You had better ask somebody in
    29        McDonald's Operations.  I am a meat manufacturer.
    31   Q.   But you test your burgers at the standard store
    32        temperature?
    33        A.  Yes.
    35   Q.   But you do not remember what that used to be?
    36        A.  No.  I have a whole technical department working for
    37        me.
    39   Q.   You said that I think it was 1988 -- I am not sure -- you
    40        were made the Chairman of McDonald's Quality Control
    41        Committee for Europe, and that that Committee wrote a
    42        manual on basic standards and basic specifications, a
    43        manual for McDonald's use alone?
    44        A.  A manual for McDonald's meat manufacturers, yes.
    46   Q.   Right.  Is that a document that we have looked already or
    47        is that something different?
    48        A.  No, I do not think you have seen that document.
    50   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Can you keep your voice up, Mr. Walker, 
    51        please? 
    52        A.  Sorry, my Lord.  No, I do not think that document has 
    53        been brought into court.
    55   MS. STEEL:  What is that document about, can you just explain?
    56        A.  Well, what basically happened, McKey set out a basic
    57        standard and format on quality of the meat, on setting up
    58        suppliers, on passing abattoirs and boning rooms.  It was
    59        just a procedural document to set the standards.

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