Day 089 - 15 Feb 95 - Page 03

     1        A.  Yes, I did.
     3   Q.   Do you have an MSc in veterinary pathology obtained in
     4        1972?
     5        A.  Yes, I do.
     7   Q.   And a PhD also in veterinary pathology in 1976?
     8        A.  That is correct.
    10   Q.   That is why we call you "Dr." Pattison?
    11        A.  Yes.
    13   Q.   Do you have also a diploma in poultry medicine and
    14        production?
    15        A.  I do.
    17   Q.   Are you member of the Farm Animal Welfare Council?
    18        A.  Yes, I am.
    20   Q.   Were you a member in April 1992?
    21        A.  Yes, I was.
    23   Q.   Did you assist in the production, composition or writing of
    24        the report which that body produced in that month of that
    25        year on broiler chickens?
    26        A.  Yes, I was a member of that Committee.
    28   Q.   We will come back and have a look at that in a moment.
    29        Whom does the FAWC advise -- just the industry?
    30        A.  No, it advises the Minister of Agriculture.
    32   Q.   Is it a body which is in a sense just a creature of
    33        industry whose members do bidding in relation to animals?
    34        A.  No, not at all.  It is an independent body set up to
    35        advise the Minister.
    37   Q.   We will look at its membership a little later on,
    38        Dr. Pattison.  Have you written or edited, rather, a
    39        textbook published by Longman's entitled "The Health of
    40        Poultry"?
    41        A.  Yes, I have.
    43   Q.   When was that published?
    44        A.  It was published in late 1992.
    46   Q.   Can I ask you something perhaps a little more personal?
    47        What was it decided you to become a vet in the first place?
    48        A.  I have always had a great interest in biological
    49        subjects.  I have always had a great interest in animals.
    50        We have always had dogs and cats at home.  Also my father 
    51        was a veterinary surgeon, so this naturally developed my 
    52        interests as I used to go with him and see what he was 
    53        doing in his day-to-day work.
    55   Q.   Was your father a member of the RSVS?
    56        A.  Yes, he was.
    58   Q.   When one obtains or enters into membership of the RSVS,
    59        does one, as a doctor does in medicine, undertake any
    60        obligation for the welfare of the animals under one's care?

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