Day 091 - 17 Feb 95 - Page 02

     1                                 Friday, 17th February, 1995.
     3   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, before we begin, I did mention to
     4        Mr. Stiles some administrative matters I should like to
     5        remind your Lordship.  First of all, your Lordship said
     6        that today was the deadline for, or we should try to
     7        produce by today, is a better way of putting it, any
     8        documents which the Americans have managed to find relating
     9        to Dr. Gomez Gonzalez's evidence.  With his assistance,
    10        I told your Lordship earlier this week or last week,
    11        Mr. Hill had been to Costa Rica and had found nothing with
    12        the possible exception of one document which may not be
    13        relevant anyway.
    15        The Americans have now searched Oak Brook and they have
    16        come up with a single document from 1975 about, it is
    17        thought, which is a patty specification.  My Lord, I say no
    18        more about it than that.  I pass two copies to the
    19        Defendants, and one for your Lordship with a post-it.  My
    20        Lord, it is suggested it should go in pink file IX as a new
    21        tab 2B in section A behind what is thought to be the 1967
    22        specification.
    24   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes, I will not read that through now.
    26   MR. RAMPTON:  No, my Lord, it does not bear on anything on
    27        today's evidence.  The next thing is this and I will be as
    28        quick as I can.  I do not know whether or not the
    29        Defendants are likely to finish their cross-examination of
    30        Dr. Pattison today.  If not, he has a real problem coming
    31        back on Monday, it was thought that he might, because he
    32        has, if he is released to do so, a meeting in France on
    33        Monday to do with the Cargill business which involves,
    34        I understand, quite a number of people and quite a lot of
    35        visits to various places over a period of about four days.
    36        He would much rather not miss that if it is avoidable.  If
    37        his cross-examination finishes today, then so much the
    38        better.
    40        My Lord, by way of connection with that, it would be
    41        helpful, as your Lordship knows, we intend to bring
    42        Dr. Gomez Gonzalez back on 27th February.
    44   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.
    46   MR. RAMPTON:  We have left that week free.  I, myself, would
    47        doubt whether it is even remotely conceivable that he will
    48        go the whole of that week to complete his
    49        cross-examination.  If he does not, and I would ask the
    50        Defendants now to give an indication how long they think 
    51        they will be with him, it is our intention to bring 
    52        Mr. Ashley Bowes back on Friday, 3rd March, the last day of 
    53        that week.
    55        If the Thursday were also free because the Defendants had
    56        finished with Dr. Gomez Gonzalez, then if Dr. Pattison is
    57        not finished today, we can try and put him in on Thursday
    58        2nd, thus attempting to complete all the food poisoning
    59        rearing slaughter witnesses in one complete go.

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