Day 092 - 27 Feb 95 - Page 03

     1        bacon, circular bacon, which has been tested in Schriver
     2        and Osi.
     4   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Can you speak out?  If you speak more or less
     5        towards Mr. Rampton; it is the same problem when Ms. Steel
     6        asks witnesses questions, it tends to pass between the two
     7        of you?
     8        A.  OK, sure will.
    10   MS. STEEL:  Could you spell the names of those suppliers?
    11        A.  Normac, N-O-R-M-A-C, OSI, OSI Industries, Schriver,
    12        S-C-H-R-I-V-E-R and Rose Packing, R-O-S-E Packing.
    14   Q.   So which ones of those have been regular suppliers for the
    15        last five or 10 years?
    16        A.  Normac and Rose Packing.
    18   Q.   How do they rear the pigs on their farms?
    19        A.  They do not.  They do not have farms.
    21   Q.   They do not have farms?
    22        A.  No, they do not.
    24   Q.   Right.  So, who do they get their pigs from?
    25        A.  That one, I do not know, I assume they get it from the
    26        regular market.
    28   Q.   So you have no idea about how those pigs are raised?
    29        A.  Having "no idea" is a broad statement.  I have an
    30        idea.  I do not know where they are coming from, from what
    31        farms, that is a correct statement.  Is that what you are
    32        asking?
    34   Q.   How are pigs generally raised in the USA?
    35        A.  I think I explained that last time I was here, that
    36        generally they are raised in half of it is covered, half of
    37        it is not.  It depends a lot on the weather conditions, if
    38        they are raised in the mid-west, in the north part, in the
    39        south part, in the east or the west, different conditions.
    40        It could be mostly open or it could be totally enclosed,
    41        which is like in the winter or in the cold areas of the
    42        United States.  But they do have access to water, some of
    43        them have straws, some have mud.  It is a wide range of
    44        conditions.  They are being fed mostly corn.
    46   Q.   Do you know what the pigs supplied to McDonald's are fed?
    47        A.  Are fed?
    49   Q.   Yes.
    50        A.  I have just told you that I do not know what farms they 
    51        come from. 
    53   Q.   Right.
    54        A.  But, in general, they are being fed a diet that is high
    55        in corn.  Most of the hogs are raised on what is called the
    56        corn belt in the United States where most of the corn is
    57        raised.
    59   Q.   For all you know all the pigs could be being reared
    60        indoors?

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